10 Effective Ways To Cure Low Libido In Women Naturally

Low libido is a very common disorder associated with a woman’s sexual life. Low libido may be defined as low sex drive or desire for sex. Medically the problem is termed as hypoactive sexual desire. A woman with low libido may end up scuffling with her partner most of the time, because when he wants intimacy she may be too cold to reciprocate. This sort of continuous tension may erode the emotional bond between the woman and her partner and may even cause their relationship to head for a break-up. Survey has shown that women with low sex drive are also poor performers in the sexual act. They may face problems like delayed arousal or delayed climaxing or orgasm.

The various causes of low sex drive in women may be listed as follows: aging, fear of painful sex, fatigue, hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation or menopause, stress, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, infertility, nutritional deficiencies, prior history of sexual ill-treatment, conflict with partner, surgical procedure in the breasts or genitals, conditions like anemia, UTI infections or diabetes, side-effect of medications like antidepressants, tranquilizers, latent homosexuality etc

Cures for low libido in women:

1. A woman with low libido should take the help of a psychotherapist in order to manage her stress or phobia.

2. She should also consult a relationship counselor to get tips for the betterment of her relationship with her partner.

3. She can avail curative hormonal therapies like testosterone therapy, DHEA therapy or estrogen replacement therapy.

4. She can embrace the power of herbs to solve the problem of low libido. Herbs like Maca, Roseroot, Wild Yam, Damiana, Catuba, Withania somnifera, Eleuthero, Ginseng, Licorice root, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed and Asparagus etc work excellently in this respect.

5. A number of female libido enhancing herbal supplements are available in market these days. Kamni capsules, Fantasy capsules, HerSolution pills, Provestra are some effective ones.

6. Including food items like eggs, oysters, garlic, white onions, avocadoes, bananas, figs, chocolates, coffee and cola in diet can boost up libido.

7. Spices like anise, fennel, parsley and sage can also have a positive impact on low female libido.

8. A woman with low libido should also consume a diet rich in Vitamins C, E and B-complex.

9. Watching porn movies with partner or wearing a sexy outfit or trying out new sex positions can add flicker to the flame of love-making.

10. A tantric sex massage or full body sensual touching and rubbing can also be an effective cure for low libido in women.

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