A Pretty Penny For Beauty

Were you ever curious as to what kind of make-up Cleopatra wore? We’re all familiar with how she allegedly killed herself, yet we have no idea what she used for eyeliner. Well, actually, we do know what she used — so strike that. She, like most Egyptians, regardless of social and economic standing, used kohl […]

See Blind Fury On Movie Downloads

If you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned eighties action flick and you’ve already seen everything with Arnold and Stallone a million times over, give Blind Fury a chance. They call Rutger Hauer the European Paul Newman, but Christopher Walken is probably a more accurate comparison. Both actors are capable of that icy […]


Porter To escort patients to rooms, assisting with luggage and showing the patient all room facilities. The Wellington Hospital is the UK’s largest independent… HCALondon From HCA 3 days ago

Security Window Film Expert From ShatterGARD Educates NYC Area Security Professionals

In an effort to educate security professionals in and around New York City on glass retention and window protection films, Jordan Frankel, vice president of ShatterGARD security window films, Inc. and a world-renowned security window film expert, was asked to speak at a special Times Square Security Association Meeting. In an effort to educate security […]

Special Needs Professional

Special Needs Professional Escort and supervise pupils on planned educational visits and journeys. The Bridge London is a special school catering for pupils aged between 2 and 19 who have… THE BRIDGE SCHOOL LONDONLondon From Guardian Jobs 12 days ago