5 Cool Gift Ideas For Men For Valentines Day

When it comes to finding presents for guys for Valentines day, some men are hard to buy for – what do you get a guy that has everything? Well, here’s a few ideas that may put a smile on his face.

Game Tickets – If your guy enjoys a particular sport like football, basketball, soccer or ice hockey, a really great gift idea is to buy him a pair of tickets to see his favorite team. Now this requires that you first, know what his favorite team(s) are. Second, you’ll need to check and see if his team plays locally. There are many professional and college teams that have regular games. If you can get him seats that are close to the action – even better. You will score major points yourself with this awesome gift.

Nostalgia Candy Gift Basket – One of the sweetest memories of childhood is remembering how you used to visit the local store and walk down the candy aisle ogling at all the tempting choices. Every generation remembers how much they enjoyed buying their favorite candy and how much they savored each bite. A modern way to bring back those memories from childhood is through a nostalgic candy gift basket. There’s a nostalgia candy gift basket representing several decades: 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s 80s and 90s. Many of the candies contained in these specialty baskets can no longer be found on store shelves, making them a great gift for someone who has everything.

Beer of the Month Club – When it comes to drinks, there’s one beverage that many guys love – beer. If you know that your guy enjoys a cold, glass of quality beer, then consider gifting him with a different brew each month. Beer clubs allow you a choice of three, six and twelve months. Imagine how happy he’d be receiving a case of specialty beers every single month, and it’s all because of your thoughtfulness.

Chocolate Liqueurs – Instead of the usual box of assorted chocolates, why not give your loved one something that has a little kick to it – an assortment of chocolate liqueurs. These are sophisticated foil wrapped gourmet chocolate confections that contain real alcohol inside. The selection can include favorites like: whiskey, rum, vodka and other popular spirits. Each miniature chocolate bottle is perfectly wrapped in foil decorated to look like the real bottle you’d find in the store.

Special Interest Gift Basket – Here’s your chance to give your partner a unique gift that you know they’ll love. You can easily make your own gift basket. Think about what things they like, then put it in a woven basket. You can buy all the pieces and put it together yourself, or look online for a specialty store that have baskets that comes close to your idea. Some good themes are: Spa Basket, Football Basket, Golf Basket, Romantic Escape Basket, Sensual Massage Basket, Puzzle Basket, Snack Food Basket, Wine Basket, Cheese Basket, Chocolate Lovers Basket, Chocolate and Champagne Basket, Tea Basket, Coffee Basket, Breakfast Basket.

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