A Brief Look At The Benefits Of Adult And Community Learning

Adult and community education can be described as a broad range of formal and informal education programmes, which promote continued learning for adults, preferably for life. One may wonder what the purpose of such an educational programme is, when people have already attended school and earned their degrees upon completion of their education. However, it is wrong to assume that education can stop at a particular point in life. Learning is for life and it must not stop at any juncture.

Admittedly, it is easier said than done for most people to continue with formal education, especially after they reach adulthood. Various personal and professional commitments hardly leave any time for them to go back to learning, especially in a formal setup. It is for them that adult learning programmes have been created. Most adults enrol in advanced continuing education programmes to increase their chances of professional success.

For professionals, enrolling in continuing education programmes can be advantageous in various ways.

* A wide variety of continuing education courses is available for professionals, some of which are industry-specific. Therefore, individuals from all industries can enrol in a course that is suitable for them and update their knowledge about the latest happenings in their work sector.

* These courses aim to enhance both soft skills and professional skills of working individuals. Employees can get a hang of modern work process and how technology is implemented in that process. Besides enhancing their technological skills, employees who enrol in these courses, also develop sharp understanding, and hone their analytical, decision-making and communication skills.

* When employees enrol in these programmes, employers understand that they are putting in an effort to learn more in order to perform better. This eagerness to grow intellectually can help employees earn salary hikes and promotions.

Adult and community learning, on the other hand, focuses on the development of the society as a whole. It caters to all adults, irrespective of their previous academic and professional qualifications.

* These programmes help to solve employability issues. When adults learn more, they find that they are eligible for more jobs than they originally thought. They acquire newer skillsets and the existing ones become more refined, thanks to the training. Those individuals, who have not got a job before, have a better chance of getting employed after enrolling for these courses.

* This form of education improves the lifestyles of adult learners. By obtaining a job or succeeding further in one’s career can improve his financial status. He can become more equipped to fund a satisfactory lifestyle for himself and his family.
* Adult and community learning also increases community development and cohesion. Co-operation becomes a habit among adult learners as they participate in various workshops and community-building activities together.

Adult learning, in general, makes learners happy. They take interest in new spheres, develop hobbies, find a new direction in life and achieve their professional and financial goals. New achievements improve their self-esteem. They start trusting and respecting themselves more.

Advanced continuing education is readily becoming a necessity for all those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills. This enhancement is required not only for personal development but also for taking the society forward. Adult and community learning serves the purpose of integrating the society and making it more efficient as well as productive.