A Few Facts About Perfume

From the beginning of time some type of perfume whether natural or man-made has been used to try and attract the opposite sex. King George III forbade the practice of wearing perfume due to prostitutes wearing it to attract clients. These days perfume is created by scientists specifically to attract the opposite sex.

The actual effect that results when someone smells a certain perfume is rooted in science. When you inhale an aroma of any kind a myriad of messages is sent through the olfactory nerve endings to the limbic system of the brain. This system oversees instinctive responses like emotional, sexual and aggressive behaviors. Some scents such as vanilla and jasmine can stimulate neurochemicals in the brain being released to create a sexual response. Aromatherapy can be used for this and other purposes. The reason that we may be more attracted by one scent over another is caused primarily by pheromones which are significantly different in each of us.

Pheromones are most different between males and females and for obvious reasons. Male pheromones tend to be muskier than females which is why musk and sandalwood is so effective in attracting women to a man. The makers of perfumes search for the rarest animal sources they can find that are similar to the more erotic human pheromones. Essential oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, and patchouli are sometimes included in the perfume blends. The ancients used scents and perfumes for a variety of reasons from seduction and celebrating holidays to getting warriors psyched up for battle. Perfumes these days are primarily used for attraction purposes but aromatherapy goes a good bit deeper and influences a great number of emotions.

If you want to try to blend you own perfumes you should begin with mixing the essential oils and absolutes then add them to neutral vegetable based oil. If you are creating a fragrance for your hair or clothing replace the vegetable oil with vodka or grain alcohol and place it in an atomizer for easy misting. Alcohol based scents will become better as they age so it is best to make them up and store them for a few weeks before use.

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