A History of Pyramids

Many travelers have the same question going through their minds. Is modern day Egypt safe for tourists? The answer is yes! Egypt is filled with an aura of mystique which quietly lures the modern traveler in. The great ancient pyramids reach out to touch the heavens, attracting throngs of visitors to their feet, daily. With the vast desert surrounding them, many look upon them wondering why they are there and what purpose they once served.

The pyramids are much more than burial grounds for Egypt’s noblest characters. It was believed that the spirits of those buried there, would ascend upwards out of the pyramid. It was ancient Egypt’s own “stairway to heaven.” With more than 100 different pyramids remaining in the country, there are mounds of history to explore. You’ll never be bored in Egypt! Many structures have been left in ruins and are nothing more than rubble, while others appear to have been built only yesterday.

Egypt is still in the midst of discovery and excavation. It’s not unheard of to have a tomb uncovered during your stay. Egypt holds the power of connecting ancient to present. It reminds us that we are all a part of something bigger, and provides a bridge in which to view living history.

Egypt is definitely still considered a safe place to visit. In fact, many tours are often accompanied by police escorts…not that they are needed. Those who are frequent guests in Egypt claim that they couldn’t feel safer in any other place. Of course, educating yourself before your visit is extremely helpful. Like you would before a trip to New York or any other major city, find out the places that are considered safe and welcoming to tourists, a business traveler, or families, and those that are not.

Educating yourself for any vacation is key, especially those that are intertwined with history. Your trip to Egypt will hold more meaning if you know the historical significance behind the sites. When you finally arrive at the great pyramids and stand before them, you will understand why they were named one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.”

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