A True Caribbean Seaside Town

The Dominican Republic is a wonderful Caribbean country that is located on the Island of Hispaniola.

Sosua can only be described as a true Caribbean seaside town. A small village jam packed, vibrant and colourful with restaurants, bars, beach shacks and a market, hotels and villas, gift and souvenir shops, bakeries and butchers and the best snorkelling reef on the north coast.

Located east from Gregorio Luperon International Airport about a ten minute taxi ride. Walk down to the beach, access from the centre of Sosua village and you will stumble across an awesome horse shoe shaped bay with every tone of blue you can imagine in the Atlantic waters.

Sosua really got itself on the map in the early 1940s as many Jewish settlers arrived here to escape the persecution of Nazi Germany. The refugees settled in the east part of Sosua known as El Batey and formed the successful Sosua Dairy co operative, which exists to this day. The dairy now produces most of the countries dairy products. There is a small Jewish museum detailing the history of the refugees next to Casa Marina Hotel.

The streets are somewhat over run with motor bike taxis so do not be alarmed by whistles and hooting the drivers are just trying to drum up business.

The town is divided into two halves from El Batey to Los Charamicos. The main road running through the town is called Pedro Clisante and commences in El Batey. Here are tons of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Pleasant and safe enough to stroll around and dine out in the evening. Heading in a westerly direction Los Charamicos is a maze of roads and streets predominately a residential area for local Sosua townsfolk and is the old part of Sosua or the old town.

Running parallel to the beach front is a market, stall and shack after shack of souvenirs and gift shops. Remember to haggle and shop around as the vendors are not averse to taking advantage of a tourists lack of experience.

You will also be able to hire snorkel masks and fins from the beach to take advantage of the reefs in the bay. The reefs are approx sixty metres swim out, if you are not so super energetic then there is also a glass bottom boat if you dont fancy getting wet and banana boat rides if you do. The reefs have been stood upon by many tourists and local fishermen over the years, however there is still an abundance of brightly coloured fish and if you want to experience a fish feeding frenzy take some bread or a banana with you and literally feed the fish while you are in the water

Be warned however that Sosua has more than its fair share of prostitutes so keep one hand on your beer and the other firmly on your wallet.

Douglas Scott works for The Rental Car Hire Specialist. and is a free lance writer for The Villa Sosua Site