Active Adult Communities

Active adult communities leave the fun in and take the work out of retirement living

Just a few decades ago, when you reached retirement age, you were faced with maintaining that larger home the kids grew up in or selling it because you no longer had the time and energy to keep it up. If you were in fairly good health, a retirement home was not the place for you. You wanted to get out and do all the things you hadn’t been able to while still working. Just as with your old neighborhood, you wanted a community of people of similar interests. Until some savvy developers started the concept of active adult communities, your alternatives were neighborhood condos or apartment complexes, neither of which offered the sense of community you were seeking.

Today’s active adult community caters to retirement age people who are not ready to be put out to pasture! These communities are much like a small village, usually with lots of lovely surrounding acreage. Golf, bowling, swimming and tennis courts are right on the grounds, just steps from your home. Other features include workshops, seminars and classes geared to your interests and abilities.

There are usually a variety of housing options available in the active adult communities. You may buy a home, condo or apartment which suits your space requirements and lifestyle. Remember, these are not the old conventional retirement homes where you sit around waiting for someone to serve dinner and then waiting for your night time meds and sleep.

People are living longer these days, and many are still active and fit. Just because you’re older shouldn’t preclude you from taking part in activities you enjoy, in a lovely well maintained setting, amongst your peers with similar interests. The active adult communities are designed to keep you as active as you like, while maximizing your leisure time. You don’t have to mow the lawn on Saturday morning. You can kick back with your morning coffee and be on your way to the pool a half-hour later. You don’t have to drive downtown to attend an AARP seminar that clues you in on your best tax strategies or new investment vehicles. The seminar comes to you.

Best of all is that all of the activities are included in your home ownership. Active adult communities also have restaurants, hair salons and a variety of shops right within the community. You must pay for those services and products, but it’s so convenient.

When you decide to sell your larger home, you may find you have sufficient equity to pay for your new home with money left over to do all those things you’ve waited a lifetime to experience. Living in active adult communities may just make you feel young again.

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