ADHD in Adult Women – Effects of Undiagnosed and Untreated ADHD in Adult Women

When first given the idea of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, many people would probably think of little children running around, talking incessantly and having untiring bouts of hyperactivity. In truth, adults are as much a victim to ADHD as children.

But over the years, knowledge of ADHD in adults, most especially ADHD in adult women is limited. This is probably due to the fact that the adult female population has just recently started to be diagnosed and treated for ADHD.

In most cases, there is a clinical observation that adult women experience struggles and difficulties that are often times overlooked because they have little resemblance to the symptoms manifested by children. If you have done a bit of research about ADHD, you probably know that those symptoms are hyperactivity or restlessness, impulsivity and inattention. Those symptoms are easily seen in children’s environment especially when they are at school where attention and focus are much needed.

While there is an overabundance of information on ADHD, most women are not aware that they even have this disorder. On the brighter note, there are already a lot of experts who have taken a different turn when it comes to ADHD research. Some psychologists are fighting tooth and nail to bring up the concern of ADHD in adult women.

Many would say that the lack of recognition of ADHD as a condition for adult women is due to the denial that it exists in females. Not many women, adult women at that, will come forward and admit to having erratic behavior similar to that of a child. Because of this, researches of this condition to adult women have been sorely neglected. But not because not many people are coming forward doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Fact is, if ADHD remains undiagnosed and left untreated, they will most likely carry this problem until their later years which may be the reason for their lives falling apart. Adult women with ADHD may suffer from chronic low self-esteem and feelings of anxiety and depression.

This will then result in various situations like divorce, underemployment, eating disorders, substance abuse and constant stress. Adult women socialize differently and because of this, experts need to do more researching in order to provide reliable treatments.

Women are a huge part of our society and most especially our families. Untreated ADHD in adult women would be crippling to our lives. If you are an adult woman suffering ADHD in silence, you no longer need to feel alone in this battle. There are a lot of experts who are dedicated in finding a means to fight ADHD.

Chances are, if the treatments work for children, it will also work for you. If homeopathic treatments work for a huge number of ADHD patients, it should work for you too. ADHD shouldn’t control our lives but rather we are the ones that should control it.

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