Adult Costumes – A Must For Halloween

One sure-shot method to make a party become more enjoyable is to make costumes a part of it. You would be amazed to see how wearing a costume bucks up the wearer’s mood and spruces up his attitude. The excitement is probably a result of nostalgia – remember how as children we constantly imagined ourselves as someone else?

The only difference when we grow up is that the games become more mature but retain their playfulness. Birthday parties are one occasion when costumes may be worn while the best opportunity of them all would be Halloween. Now Halloween is associated with terror and gore, but it provides equal opportunity to costumes that are non-frightening and creative.

The Halloween sexy costumes are extremely popular. Women score over men in having more number of choices available – perhaps because a woman can appear sexy more easily than a man? These adult costumes are usually fit to be worn at adult parties. These sexy outfits may be:

* School uniforms like worn by Britney Spears in her (Hit Me Baby) One More Time video are popular as they fuel many a male fantasy. Several variations of these costumes are available for the same.

* Various occupational dresses like the popular night-shift nurse uniform are created out of the usual outfits worn by members of even mundane trades. Some such evolved job uniforms are those of the waitress, mail carrier, chambermaid, border/security guard and TV repair person.

* Sexy outfits like those worn by strippers, club dancers, Playboy bunnies and bikini models are also good examples.

* Sports and sexiness can be made to go together. Football or boxing, or any other sports uniforms look very sexy when are made into a short, frilly and hot.

* Social uniforms can also be turned into sexy adult costumes with a little modification; for instance are Scouts, Brownies or cheerleaders.

* Superheroes are loved by all. Especially a sexy superhero is everyone’s favourite. Those real superhero uniforms that can be made into sexy adult costumes are Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

Besides renting or buying these outfits, Halloween sexy costumes can be made at home too. A conventional outfit can be made more enticing by:

– Lowering the neckline substantially. Nothing spells sexy better than a cleavage that literally falls out of its confines.

– Tightening the clothes. Showing off curves and bulges in all the right places also increases the chance of making any costume sexier. Whether it is a dress or
pants outfit, tight clothing (while highly uncomfortable for women) are definitely sexier as they leave almost nothing to the imagination.

– Upping the hemline. The more legs are showed off, the more sensual an outfit. It does not matter if it is a skirt or shorts as long as the hems end about mid-thigh and reveal a lot of leg.

– Increasing the bust size. A bigger bust normally means more sexual appeal so some padding in the costume or brassiere will be of use here. This will automatically deepen the cleavage so we do not have to lower the neckline as low to get an impressive effect.

– Shiny material. Sometimes, for additional effect, it may be a brilliant idea to use shiny material in these adult costumes. Materials like shiny PVC or leather are great options as they highlight the body curves and for some outfits, actually make them look better. Costumes like Catwoman, for instance, would only look sensual
when tailored in such material.

The Halloween sexy costumes are usually designed with women in mind, but the men are not altogether neglected. The male sexy adult costume shows off their muscular bodies and biceps – though the downside is that the paunch and the extra fat will be shown off too. The men falter here in terms of variety as women can easily look sexy by showing off some leg or cleavage.

Men, too can copy women here and show off their muscular limbs or chest to give an impression of virility. Just like in the case of women, skintight clothing shall work here, too. Good options for male outfits include Gladiator, boxer, footballer and Superman costumes.

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