Adult School Vs Community College

I have attended an adult education center recently. When I registered, the program looked great. I have already tried a community college program and this one seemed better. This one was concise and implemented only classes that were relevant.

The community college I had previously attended was 3 years long and consisted of many classes that seemed to be filler classes. While there, I seemed to be wasting my time with breaks in between classes, which were sometimes 3 hours long.

The community college had beginning dates in September and January, but still only offered specific classes in each semester. It seemed I didn’t have much of a choice when and how the classes were attended. Basically, I felt like my life was being controlled by this school for three years.

Sometimes it was an early start at 8:30am and a very late end at 6:30. But some days it was a late start or early end. It was practically impossible to maintain a part time job with that kind of schedule. It was also exhausting and confusing. I had to keep organized at least 5 classes, exams, assignments and work hours.

I was unable to obtain a job in my field and decided to go back to school. This time I weighed my options. If I choose the community college version it would take two years to complete. So I chose the adult education center which only took 8 months to complete and I would come out with a diploma in both.

I really like this adult school. Everyday had the same schedule. Classes began at 8 and ended at 1. We had 15 minutes breaks to give our minds some time to relax during classes. The courses were highly structured and to the point.

I really liked the way the adult school organized the courses. It was one subject at a time. We would work on that subject for usually two weeks straight and then on to another. I didn’t have to worry about conflicting assignments or tests. I really enjoyed that.

At the adult education center there was an employment specialist who would work with us. She would show us how to write a resume and even performed mock interviews. It was great. She showed the perspective of the employer to help us get an edge over the competition.

I spent one year at university before community college and it was terrible. There was like 300 people in my class and the teacher did not even know my name. It was the worst experience I had with education.

So out of the three, I rank university the worst. Community college was better in that the class sizes were smaller and you really got to know your teachers and classmates. But above all, the Adult Education center was the best because you got to know your teachers, your classmates, it was easy to schedule a part time job around, there was no wasted time or classes, and only one subject to concentrate on at a time.

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