Adult Tinkerbell Costume: Fairy Fun for Everyone

Everyone, including adults, love dressing as a fairy for costume parties and for Halloween. The fairy is human yet magical, small, but powerful, innocent while being sexy, and good natured while being mischievous. Sometimes fairies are even a bit ill tempered. Fairies symbolize nature, magic, freedom, and simplicity. When people wear fairy costumes the can be mischievous, sexy, and cheerful, which is a great combination at parties. It should be no surprise to learn that the costumes that are purchased most often for Halloween are fairy costumes.

Tinkerbell is the most well-known and famous of fairies. Tinkerbell from the Disney movies and books of Peter Pan have set the standard for Tinkerbell’s appearance. She wore a green leafy dress and was short with long blond hair. There are other versions of Tinkerbell in the media as well. Tinkerbell was played by Julia Roberts in the live-actions sequel to Peter Pan. In the movie Hook, Tinkerbell was tall with short red hair and work a costume that was a shirt and shorts made of light brown leather. Anyone these days, regardless of weight, height, skin or hair color can be recognized easily when wearing an adult Tinkerbell costume.

The two very different costumes that were worn in these movies can represent the two very different aspects of Tinkerbell. The Disney Tinkerbell was helpful, sexy, and sweet while wearing a green dress, but the Tinkerbell played by Julia Roberts wore a pair of brown shorts with a brown shirt and was jealous, energetic, and mischievous.

If you want to portray the jealous and mischievous fairy, choose an adult Tinkerbell costume that uses matte fabrics in dark colors. While the different shades of brown that were used in the Hook version of Tinkerbell is a great place to start, experimenting with shades of purple, red, dark green, blue, and black could produce great results. Choose fabrics that will absorb the light rather than reflecting it, like suede or velvet. Wear boots over dark or striped tights and use dark makeup. When looking for wings, choose butterfly shaped wings with color rather that the more traditional dragonfly wings that are usually pale. Don’t forget to play pranks on the other party goers!

If you opt to dress as the sweet, kind, and helpful Tinkerbell, choose an adult Tinkerbell costume that uses a Disney style leafy green dress as the place you start. You can really use any shade of green from pale chartreuse and lime, to darker forest and emerald greens. You can freely mix different shades of green. Use shiny fabrics like satin, polyester, or silk. Trim your costume with rhinestones, sequins, or glitter to give it a shimmery, sparkly effect. You can either wear green or white ballet slippers or go barefoot. You will want to complete the costume with iridescent or white dragonfly wings.

If you prefer an adult Tinkerbell costume on the sexy side, start out with the Disney style Tinkerbell attire and tweak it to fit your needs. Instead of wearing a full and knee length skirt, choose one that hits in the middle of the thigh and fits the figure. A skirt with overlapping but separate green pieces of “leaf” will reveal a bit of leg as you walk. A strapless or sleeveless bodice that is low cut is perfect. Finish the costume with green, silver, or white high heels.

Tinkerbell was known to use pixie dust that allowed people to fly if she sprinkled it on them. Therefore, if you are planning on wearing an adult Tinkerbell costume, you have to have some pixie dust. You can use a small bag that’s filled with glitter or a wand with gold and silver metallic streamers flowing from the end. Either one will work well. You can purchase either one at a party supply store.

Tinkerbell represents a number of different things and so many aspects of personality. Anyone will be able to have a great time wearing an adult Tinkerbell costume to a party. Costumes can be created or purchased for any of her images or moods. By making careful choices in the details of the costume you can change the image to be sweet, sexy, or mischievous.

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