Amsterdam, City Of Wonders

This outstanding city counts on a magnificent weather and marvelous landscapes, perfect elements to have a joyful and unforgettable holyday.

Too many tourists around the world come every year to this great city searching for something different because they know down there in Amsterdam freedom is palpable.

The magic city of Amsterdam mixes genially its large canals and several bridges with the marvelous original architecture from XVII century, all of this concentrated onto a small surface. Art pieces by masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh might be admired in some of its many museums and walking along the city is meeting face to face with the history of one of the most gorgeous and romantic cities in Europe.

Amsterdam is an open and tolerant city. It combines a strong cultural background with simple habit folks. This city has a varied and permanent entertainment offer and visiting it is very easy thanks to its efficient urban transportation system. Here, everything is close, and usually it is even possible to see the local princess while riding on bicycle.

Nightlife in Amsterdam is simply amazing. Many people refer to it as a ‘human zoo’. Several marvelous places might be found here. The city is perfect to take a romantic walk over its bridges by the moonlight reflected on the water canals or to go to have frenetic fun in the red light district, a wonderful place full of clubs, pubs, chillouts and discotheques. If you are looking for mature entertainment, the red light district is the best place to visit; here, prostitutes exhibit themselves in brothels and passersby can look at them through big windows and get fascinated with their sensual moves and sexy bodies. Other special places in this district are the ones called coffee shops. Here, if you are over 18, you can buy and smoke up to 5 grams of marihuana or hashish while you enjoy a coffee or a soft drink. These places work legally and every single one of them has a special theme and unique style. Some are full of rasta decoration and some others look like pop bars.

If you are looking for accommodation offers in Amsterdam you can find many different nice places where to stay. One of the best options is renting an apartment. There are many superb available apartments and most of them are located close to the most popular touristic attractions along the city.

Living and enjoying Amsterdam will results as a very exciting experience which you surely never forget, especially if you are looking for a different and more liberal source of entertainment.

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