An Extraordinary Experience With Thai Massage

If you are looking for a unique style of massage therapy, then an Ancient massage, also known as Thai massage is definitely worth a try. Thai massage is known as an ancient massage technique which was brought to Thailand 2,500 years ago from India which was later on practiced and developed by monks as a part of their early medicine care. This type of massage technique uses uncommon massage strokes and techniques that are rather strange on first look but are really effective in doing their purpose. A Thai massage is an extraordinary method that is vigorous yet both energizing and at the same time relaxing.

This type of massage technique had its great influence from the Ancient Chinese people who were practicing alternative medicine and is based on the Ayurveda principles. Acupressure technique is then applied on Thai massage which deals primarily on meridian points also known as energy lines. This technique targets the 72,000 sen on pathways or energy lines that should be free flowing on the human body. When these pathways are clogged, the human body’s immune system is believed to deteriorate and becomes prone to any type of sickness. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture which focuses on meridian points all over the human body, although acupressure only uses pressure on those points instead of thin needles.

One of the unique things about a Thai massage is that there is no nudity required in order to perform a good therapeutic massage session. If you are one of the many individuals who are uncomfortable undressing on a massage session, why not try this one? Some massage spas offer free loose clothing as part of their service to the patient. However, if you are not used to being too close with a stranger, this would not be a good massage type to be recommended to you. There will be intimate and close contact positions during the massage session. Most people who had experienced a Thai massage express that the whole experience is similar to having a Yoga session but without exerting any effort on your part.

Like any other massage method, the masseuse or massage therapists are all licensed and skilled in performing a Thai massage therapy. This is essential because of the stretching and vigorous work done by the massage therapist during the massage session. Although there are no serious injuries during a massage therapy, it should be done only by professional massage therapists.

This type of massage technique uses the combination of massage methods for a more effective and relaxing whole bodywork experience. Shiatsu, acupressure and Yoga are the basic techniques blended well together and used to create a good alternative healing and relaxing technique. The shiatsu technique aims for the clearing of blocked meridian points all over the body with the use of acupressure on these points while the yoga is more on relaxing the patient to quickly and effectively recover a healthy condition. The patients will feel relaxed and revitalized on their whole body after 60 minutes of Thai massage therapy.

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