Behaviors Associated With Sex Addiction

Addiction to sex is not an inborn thing but it is definitely something that tends to develop over a period of time. Of course, there are people who have more susceptibility to become a sex addict but then the quantity of such people is very less. This addiction of sex is seen more in men than in women. This is because even if there are women sex addicts, they tend to be very discreet about the whole affliction. Men on the other hand tend to exercise less amount of caution while taking care of sex addiction. One must remember that be it a man or a woman, the behaviors associated with being addicted to sex are the same.

Here are a few behaviors which are often associated with a sex addict.

== > Masturbation or stimulation of one’s own sexual organs of a compulsive nature

== > Tendency to have multiple affairs

== > Having multiple sexual partners sometimes even prostitutes

== > Indulging in one night stands to appease one’s sexual urges

== > Constant porn addiction

== > Having unprotected and unsafe sex

== > Getting angry with sex partners if they refuse to entertain a certain whim or a fancy

== > Forcing partners to insert foreign objects into the private parts of the body

== > Indulging in phone sex or cyber sex

== > Exhibiting of private parts to unsuspecting people at public places

== > Voyeurism or stalking in order to establish a sexual relationship with the victim

== > Violent forms of having sex like sexual harassment, molestation or even rape

The above mentioned behaviors of a person afflicted with sex addiction are to be taken very seriously. Such people are so addicted to sex that they get a feeling of restlessness when they do not have someone to have sex with. Contrary to the popular beliefs, there are many married men and women who are compulsive sex addicts. Their addiction to sex is so strong that they force their spouses to fulfill their demand even when the other person is not willing to do so. Many are of the opinion that if sex addicts quit porn watching, there will be a decrease in the intensity of the addiction. It can certainly help, only if the addicted person recognizes his or her problems and wants to genuinely find a solution. Sometimes even professional help cannot guarantee 100% cure and success in treating such cases.

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