Best Ideas for Funny Dog Outfits

Dog dress up can be done by anyone, not just celebrities. From Elle Woods in Legally Blonde to Paris Hilton in real life, dogs are not just pets anymore. Dogs are companions you can dress up in fun or funny costumes. Clothes that are miniaturized are especially funny on dogs. If you want to dress up your dog for a special occasion, or just for kicks, here are some suggestions.

Funny Dog Outfits – 3 Ideas

1. Seasonal Clothes (Summer and Spring) You know the weather is getting warmer when you see people and their dogs wearing short sleeved and cotton tee shirts. Customized tee shirts for your dogs are cute and funny. Add funny messages to the shirts to make your dog stand out and amuse the people who see him

If you’re not into shirts, go for tank tops. Outfits for summer and spring are refreshing on dogs especially if you’re fond of going to the park together. For dogs, however, tank tops can provide additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Denims and cottons are ideal for summer dresses.

2. Matching Outfits Seeing a dog-owner combo in matching dresses is funny. Matching fabric on your dresses can be spectacular and entertaining. This goes for male owner-male dog combos too. For casual wear, he can wear a plain shirt with shades on. Your male dog can also act as your escort in a party if you’re female. Add in a fake mustache or gag glasses to make your dog look funny in his tux.

3. Why Not Accessorize? Let’s admit, it’s expensive to keep buying customized funny clothes for your dog, so you can simply opt for accessories instead. Any old white shirt on your dog would look unique if he uses a different scarf to match the shirt every day. Hats and bonnets are examples of funny dog accessories to go with his outfits.

The outfit you choose should fit your dog perfectly. When you take your dog to the tailor for a fitting, you need to bring your harness with you. Go for comfortable materials that you can wear yourself. Outfits that are too tight can make your dogs irritable. If your dog just cannot be persuaded to wear funny clothes, don’t force him.

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