Boys Like Girls – Pop Rock Band

Boys Like Girls is a pop rock band formed in 2005 in Massachusetts, United States. Within such a very short span of time, the band has gained popularity seldom reached so quickly. Their self-titled debut album was released just a year after the band was formed.

The band is composed of: Paul Charles DiGiovanni, Bryan Francis Donahue, John Joseph Keefe, and Martin Bennett Johnson.

In 2005, Martin Johnson wrote some songs that he planned to record. He went out to recruit some new band members. He first recruited John Keefe who plays the drums and Bryan Donahue for bass guitar. It was John Keefe who recruited Paul DiGiovanni to play lead guitar for the new band. It was then that they decided to call themselves Boys Like Girls. Band merch of the group started to pop out of retail stores as their popularity grew.

The band released their self-titled album which resulted to the following hit singles: “Hero/Heroine”, “The Great Escape”, and “Thunder”. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) not long after has certified it as a gold record album. The band then got their first taste of series of concerts across the country through the assistance of Matt Galle and Matt Squire, booking agent and producer respectively.

The second of the two Boys Like Girls albums is titled Love Drunk. It was released on September 8, 2009. Recording of the song was done in Vancouver and New York City with different sets of producers and technicians. This set up has led to some variations in the musical style and arrangements of the songs. The notable songs from this album include their collaboration with Taylor Swift for the song “Two is Better Than One”, “Love Drunk”, “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now”, and “Heart Heart Heartbreak”.

The band’s second album has been named by music critics as a good mixture of pop rock and electronic sound. And to promote the then new album across the web, several leaks of the songs contained in the album began to spread. This gave the fans a glimpse of what to expect from the band’s new release.

The Band’s Musical Style

The band members themselves claim that their musical style is a combination of many influences. Some of these are pop rock, funk, contemporary, and alternative rock. The mixture of which surely gives the exciting sound of their music.

However, the punk rock side of the band’s music style is very much noticeable in their drum and guitar styles. However, when it comes to the voice or singing style of their lead vocalist, Martin Johnson, it is not a similar matter. Martin has a tenor voice which he sometimes morphs into doing falsettos. Thus the band has often been categorized other than the usual label of being a pop rock band.

Just a few years have passed since the band released their debut album and they have quickly reached the top of the pop rock music scene. Testament to this would be the demand for Boys Like Girls merch that their fans are collecting. There is more to expect from this band and only the future can tell how far they can go with their music.

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