Buying Soy Candles To Benefit The Environment

You should definitely consider switching to soy candles if you are a person who loves the soft and gentle glow of candlelight but do not like the paraffin undertone that comes with the burning of normal candles. These are the perfect alternative if you love candles and want an environmentally friendly light source in your home that also provides the added benefit of fragrancing the atmosphere with natural essential oils.

This natural alternative provides a wealth of choice to the avid candle connoisseur and provides a scent to suit every mood and occasion. Are you a sucker for sandalwood? Do you adore the scent of apples? Mad for mint? Enjoy other fragrances like citronella, lily of the valley, lavender, patchouli, cedar, roses and every other conceivable fragrance under the sun!

If you want a soothing before bed fragrance to relax you and send you off for a night of peaceful sleep, opt for a lavender or eucalyptus soy candle. Moroccan cedar is a wonderful choice if you fancy settling down to a cosy night in front of the fireplace with a glass of sherry and your favourite detective novel. There is a fragrance to suit your every requirement.

In the mood for a sensual experience? Using modern technology some very clever laboratory technicians developed scented soy massage oil candles. This type of candle has a much lower melting temperature, which translates to meaning that the melted wax is no more than two degrees above your own body temperature. It can be poured onto the skin without fear of being too hot for the enjoyment of a pleasurable and relaxing massage.

You can enjoy a wide variety of options when shopping for a soy candle for home or office. There are countless shapes, sizes, mesmerizing fragrances and wonderful colors to select from. You can buy your candles to match your color scheme at home. Due to the fact that they are made of all natural ingredients they do not release toxic vapours when burnt, meaning that you are not releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Using soy candles means that you are taking a responsible step towards using environmentally friendly products.

By using this product you are providing farmers with a source of income and as the demand increases more work is provided across the globe. These candles also burn at a cooler temperature, meaning less risks of scalding oneself, which will put to rest the minds of parents with young children. Soy wax will not stain so there is no worry about melted wax staining your grandmothers vintage table cloth or of it running your clothing.

Wax made from soy is much better at absorbing and releasing fragrance when melted. The scent of essential oils is intensified in this format when compared to the same amount of scent used in a traditional paraffin wax candle. No harm is done to the environment during the manufacture of soy candles, meaning that you are using a green, ecosystem friendly product.

The use of renewable resources like soy that pose no threat to our ecosystems due to manufacturing or processing are to be encouraged. There are so many industries whose manufacturing processes cause harm to the environment, so if you can, support an industry that has no negative impact on the environment and switch to soy candles.

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