Celebrity Gossip – Adult Movie Star Kacey Jordan Pregnant – Charlie Sheen Receives A Shocking Text Message

The shocking celebrity gossip surrounding Hollywood party animal Charlie Sheen involves a message he received via text from a young adult movie star. Kacey Jordan, an adult movie star in her early twenties, sent him a message revealing to him that she is pregnant. This is yet another exciting episode in the wild and wonderful life of televisions highest paid star Charlie Sheen.

Many men would take the news badly, but it must have struck Sheen more so, due to recent difficulties he has been facing. He can, however, count himself lucky. The sitcom star was then told by the actress that she was pretty sure the child wasn’t his and that she plans to have a termination in Oregon, allowing her to focus on her career

The young adult film actress went on to show she felt sad over the outcome of his recent bender and the related publicity. She also said that she never thought Sheen’s wild party would garner such attention. It wasn’t possible for any party that Charlie Sheen and mountains of cocaine would garner anything other than press attention, but perspectives are often skewed by the Hollywood lifestyle.

According to the twenty two year old porn star, Sheen used protection, but given his levels of intoxication at the time who knows what could have happened. She still maintains that she doesn’t think it’s his which will be an almighty relief for the troubled star, already a father of five.

Sheen is supposed to be undergoing rehab at home, but sources have suggested he is taking his sobriety less than seriously and is unwilling to surrender his freedom just yet. Many were outraged when it was revealed that he would be rehabbing at home – the very same place he spent hours doing cocaine and partying with porn stars. They maintain that as long as he doesn’t acknowledge his problems he won’t find a way to overcome them

It has now been reported that he’ll be back on the show in two weeks, causing skeptics to doubt his commitment to recovering from his habits forever. He has now attended rehab several times. His latest stint in rehab and looks set to be one of his shortest.

This might be because of the thorny issue of other staff whose employment depends on the successful TV show continuing to be produced. Their welfare is affected by Sheen’s continuous out of control behaviour. It was reported that Sheen recently offered to pay a portion of their wages. Given the fact that he’s the highest paid actor on American television that gesture was not received favourably by everyone. Some have called for him to fully repay the cast and crew for all their lost earnings, while others have called for his role to be recast. Neither of these outcomes seems likely at present.

Despite all of his troubles, his show Two and a Half Men remains a ratings winner, pulling in over 15 million viewers for the last episode, amusingly titled Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak. The show, in its eight season still remains a fan favourite, with viewers willing to forgive the indiscretions of the man who plays the lead character, as long as the show continues.

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