China’s Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Chinese antiques shop thinking is not at the top of any to-do list in downtown Shenzhen these days. Shenzhen, beautifully located by the sea near Hong Kong, was the first Special Economic Zone, and has created a magnificent new mega city that produces enormous volumes of luxury products. No autos or microwaves to the world from Shenzhen, only name brand famous. Shenzhen’s burst of success in Chairman Deng’s first opening to the west in 1979 encouraged three more special economic zones in 1979.

Shenzhen opened up so freely it was mockingly called the wild, wold East. High rise apartment towers, downtown shops catering to expensive trade, prostitutes, drugs, shopping centers, all the opportunities of any modern metropolis Fourteen additional Special Economic Zones have been added simce 1979. In these special economic zones the government streamlines all regulations from the rest of China, so that a new power plant can have all approvals quickly.

Stories abound coming out of Shenzhen was about luxury items and at not much of a discount. Buyers in China are aware where they can get bargains and where they need to save up before going to Shenzhen for a visit. Shenzhen has become the poster city of how success can feed on itself, and although there has been great success, to more or less degreee in all the Special Economic Zones Shenzhen stands out. The open invitation by the Chinese government to foreign capital allowed tax rebatres and fiascal advantages that made foreign capital flowing in freely.

The investment by foreign firms has also allowed China the funds to build up their own infrastructure. New schools hospitals, roads, bridges and highways have been made possible. As well there are now extensive high rise towers for locals, and behind gated walls residences for foreigners. The growth of Shenzhen was radpid, even residents of Hong Kong poured in to the new less expensive towers of Shenzhen. By 1996 China’s central government decreed Shenzhen as a model Special Economic Zone, and confirmed it’s status.

China also authorized the establishment of new special economic zones throughout China. A sample of larger special economic zones is the creation of the greater Chongqing metropolitan area in Sichuan province, an area of thirty million people. Shenzhen is the proud centerpiece of the success of special economic zones and is studied by the newer start up Special Economic Zones.From Chinese antigue shop keepers to millionaires, much has changed in ways that empower China into the new century, more confident than ever.

Shenzhen has become a magnet for young people with ambition, and there is a vibrancy to Shenzhen, an energy that one can make a success in his or her life. Shenzhen has become so popular with young people that Shenzhen is one of the few cities in China with more people under age thirty than older than thirty. As there are few parental figures around to supervise so many young people in Shenzhen gave the city it’s wild, wild east reputation, although actual violence is rare. If you ever visit you will find an amazing range humanity within this area and you are in the sub tropics.

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