Comparing On-Line Dating With Blind Dating

Your friends have decided to use the old-school way of meeting potential mates. They are fascinated with the notion of “arranged marriages” which is still a custom in the “old country”. You will be the guinea pig, since you are the oldest of your buddies. They are concerned with your single status and have talked you into accepting some blind dates they have set up for you.

You and Jack, your first blind date, meet at a rib joint, which happens to be one of Jack’s favorite restaurants. Once you get to the rib house and walk in you are shocked to see that all the waitresses are scantily dressed. You attempt to walk out, especially since you are a vegetarian, but a gorgeous guy runs over to you and introduces himself as Jack. He asks you if you are Linda and you nod yes. He then escorts you over to a table he has already been sitting at.

The entre has not yet been served. His idea of an enlightened conversation is who will be in the final four. You are not into sports, but you listen politely hoping he will change the topic of conversation soon. When he doesn’t change the topic, but he pauses to catch his breath, you quickly begin talking about your job and how much you enjoy it.

When the waitress comes over, who appears to be wearing a bikini with lace over it, Jack orders ribs and you ask the waitress if there are any vegetarian items on the menu. She says yes we have onion rings. Jack is surprised that you are vegetarian and tells you that, you can also have his french fries. You wonder how much longer you will have to endure this.

Now imagine a date with someone you met through internet dating and have been chatting online with and exchanging emails with for quite some time.

With on-line dating, you already know each other pretty well if you have been conversing for a while. When you do finally meet, you meet at a restaurant where the food is complementarily to both your tastes. You talk and laugh and are truly happy to be finally meeting after 2 months of conversing.

He runs marathons and loves history just like you do. You happily discuss the volunteer work that each of you is involved in. You look at your watch and discover that it is late, very late and you wonder happily, where has all the time gone.

There is a big difference between a well-intentioned friend setting you up and choosing a man for yourself who shares your interests and tastes, isn’t there?

Which choice will you make?

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