Complexities of Sex Addiction

Addiction to anything is bad as the mind becomes a slave of the addictive substance and this keeps growing. With every single day, the addiction keeps growing stronger as you want more and more of the addictive substance to soothe your desires. Unlike addiction of other sorts such as alcohol, sex addiction can be of many types and is often very complex to even diagnose the type for further treatment. This addiction is a kind which is extremely personal and sometimes even the closest people are unaware of the fact.

To deal with the problems that a sex addict faces, one has to first determine the level of addiction that one is into. People may indulge in masturbation or watching porn. This is a very common habit but only if it is done occasionally. When such indulgences turn into mammoth proportions, it is time for the people to take action. A sex addict can be categorized into three major kinds:

>> Desire to have sex alone or virgin sex addicts

>> Wanting to have sex with others (same sex or opposite sex)

>>Wanting to have sex with animals or bestiality

One cannot generalize people suffering from sex addiction and prescribe a single common therapy for them. This is because there are people who are addicted but have never had sex in their lives or are serial cheaters. Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that only men are addicted to sex. In fact, there are many women who are addicted too. Since the number of men is more than women, we are led to believe that men can be sex addicts and women cannot.

Porn addiction has wreaked havoc on thousands of relationships and will continue to do so. Some of the extreme cases involve people getting involved in incest to fulfill their desires to have sex. Incestual relationships are those wherein sex is often considered to be banned such as father and daughter, mother and son etc. In order to quit porn, an addict has to understand that being addicted is detrimental to his own mental health and the life of his relationships with others. Only then can he take concrete steps or a firm resolution to bring himself out of it. A person addicted to porn may take a little time to realize his addiction but with some help, he will be able to do so.

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