Cool Tips For Decorating Your Little Girls Room

Every little girl has their own unique style but most center around little butterflies, animals of some kind, trellises, floral fabric prints, and more. Adding simple patterns and designs such as these can turn your little girls’ room into a safe haven that she can call her very own. Imagine stenciling vines, butterflies, flowers and other beautiful accents on her wall and highlighting it by painting colors that will blend in and coordinate with other accents. You can add the final touch to the window by placing a soft curtain to blow in the summer breeze.

If you want to create a beach theme you can use some simple decorations to achieve that look. You need to add blue on the walls, sandy brown shade on the floor, and skies with clouds up on the ceiling. Use art work of beach scenes to give you ideas.

If she wants a starlight theme you can get that very easy. Boys use the starlight theme too but for girls you can add a special color to make it her. Use a sponge to cut into a star shape. Dip it in the paint to create a star pattern on walls, ceilings, and on furniture. You can even find a star rug.

The moon is a great theme in a little girls’ room. You can place a moon in the center of the ceiling surrounded by stars that glow in the dark. These can be purchased or bought at a store. Add a half moon on her headboard to highlight the theme.

If flowers are what you are trying to add to her room you can add several different bright and cheerful colors that go with flowers. Go online and find the flower that you like the best and blow it up to be bigger in size. Then you can use the flower as a simple design on cushions, rugs, pillows, and more.

Girls love the sun so you can add a couple of green hills on her wall and the sun rising up between them. This theme is bright and cheerful and will make her feel great. Place a green rug on the floor so you can have a grass look to her room.

Another great theme for your daughter would be a cottage style theme, especially if most of her furniture is second-hand. A lot of white colors will be needed for this theme, as well as light colors like sky blue, pink, and pale green.

Whatever you choose your little girl will be so happy with her new look. If she gets tired of one look it’s easy to change the look again by simply painting over it. All costs are minimal but the joy is endless.

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