Dating Tips For Guys: Effective Ways To Succeed With Hot Girls

It wasn’t until my early twenties that I started to have real success with women.

But even then, I was aware of a disturbing pattern;

My success ratio with the girls I REALLY liked, who were typically the 9’s and 10’s, was much lower than with the girls I just KINDA liked…

Now, for a long time my intuition told me that this was because the most attractive girls were just naturally more selective. It makes sense when you think about it, right?

I can’t tell you how much bullshit I had to go through to figure out I had been DEAD wrong all along.

It’s not that hot girls are so much more selective than regular girls…

It’s that our own behavior tends to change with these hot girls because we THINK they are more selective!

Now, you may be saying, “Julian, I know this already. I saw the 40 Year Old Virgin… Don’t put the you-know-what on a pedestal.”

That’s right, but what are some specific ways we can actually accomplish such a broad idea?

Here’s one:

A while back I noticed that every time I put a hot girls number in my phone I was actually storing them as ‘Lauren Hot!’ or ‘Sexy Cindy.’ Eventually it dawned on me that this kind of classification was affecting my behavior in subtle but negative ways… ie when I made a call to ‘Lauren Hot!’ I felt more adrenaline vs. when I simply called ‘Lauren.’

The realization led me to develop this concept one step further.

It is a simple trick that made a noticeable difference in my game, I call it:

‘Reverse Classification’

The next time you get a hot girls phone number, I want you to look at her closely, and imagine what her juvenile class mates called her growing up…If she is really tall and blonde, maybe they called her ‘Big Bird’. If she has awesome fake boobs, she was probably flat as a board and perhaps they called her ‘Wall Chests.’

You get the idea.

Now, the next step is to actually STORE HER IN YOUR PHONE THAT WAY. (Lauren Big Bird, Cindy Wall Knockers, etc)

Not just will it lessen any anxiety you feel as you call her, but it will allow you to relax more when you’re actually with her.

Have fun,


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