Dating – Who Exactly Are You Looking For?

Have you noticed that different dating sites have different fee structures? For example, I’ve come across many dating sites that charge a monthly recurring fee to their members. For these websites to be successful, they depend on their members continuing their memberships for months and months on end. This then depends on their members being active on the dating scene for months on end. Without judging this, I believe it begs the question, why are you dating?

Are you dating to find that someone special? If you are, you would not need to be a member of a dating service for months at a time. Rather, you would want to join a dating service that sells (or gives) contacts with people.

That way you would have the opportunity to get in touch with a potential match, meet and get to know them, (during which you are not paying a monthly subscription) and if it works out, great. But if it doesn’t you can go back and use your “meeting credits” until you do meet the right person.

On the other hand, you may be in this to meet lots of new people who you can have lots of fun with. If you are a traveler in a new city, this may be just the thing for you. Or you may just enjoy this type of thing. The reason does not really matter. If this is what you are looking for, a subscription service is probably the right thing for you as with these memberships, you can typically contact an unlimited number of people.

It doesn’t really matter to me why you are dating or who you are looking for. You are your own person and make your own decisions. The point of this article is to get you to think about the reason you are dating, recognize different websites have different payment structures and join the one which most closely matches your needs. Otherwise you’ll end up throwing good money down the drain, money which could be better spent dating.

Another tip on this point, for some reason, most “subscription” type dating sites tend to be adult dating sites. You can actually join these and meet people without being pushed into “adult” type activities. You just need to be up front with the people you contact. So don’t be put off by this.

As a final point, its interesting that the people who have the least success in dating are typically those who run headlong into something and end up in a place surrounded by inappropriate people. So before you spend any money on dating, think and work out who you want to meet. Only at this point will you be able to join the appropriate dating site.

Jayde Johannsen analyses regular dating sites and adult dating sites , in an attempt to help everyone find those they are looking for.