Day Spas And The Benefits of Massage Therapy

One of the first images most people have of massage therapy is the masseuse/escort from the sleazy agency. A couple of decades ago, that’s what most people thought of as massage. But in recent years, therapeutic massage has become much better known and more popular. If you’re experiencing muscle pain, having a lot of headaches, or feeling generally blah and out of sorts, massage therapy can make a huge difference in your wellness.

Therapeutic massage involves a well-trained, licensed massage therapist working on your body, while you remain covered with a sheet. The therapist will work on your sore and stiff points, using therapeutic massage techniques to relieve tension and loosen your muscles. Many people find that they carry a lot of stress in their neck and shoulders, and having these areas worked on releases that stress and helps them carry their bodies better. This, in turn, improves their posture and health.

Swedish massage is the technique you may be most familiar with. With long, slow strokes, the massage therapist soothes and relaxes the muscles. This massage technique can be very deep or less pressured, depending on your needs and comfort.

Deep tissue massage uses a strong, focused kneading motion and works on deeper muscles. This technique is often used to reduce pain and improve circulation, and may be mildly uncomfortable. After a deep tissue massage, as well, you’ll know that you’ve had a massage, and you may be a little sore. This is definitely a therapeutic, rather than soothing, massage, and it is very helpful if you’re stiff and sore.

Pregnancy massage, as you might expect, is performed on pregnant women, and can relieve the tension in the back and legs. This type of massage is performed by trained therapists and can reduce pain and make the mommy-to-be feel much better.

CranioSacral massage is helpful for people with sinus problems and migraine headaches. By focusing on the soft tissue around the head and spine, this type of massage relieves tension and opens up sinus passages. CranioSacral massage can greatly improve symptoms in migraine and sinus sufferers.

Whichever type of massage you choose, simply having a massage can help your health not only by relieving stress and relaxing muscles, but also by helping your body remove toxins. As your muscles are kneaded, they release toxics like lactic acids that have built up, and these toxins move into your bloodstream and are released from your body.

There’s another health benefit to getting a regular massage, that most people don’t think about. When you commit to getting a regular massage, you’re committing to take better care of your life and your body. You’re sending a message to yourself and other people that you are now taking better care of your health. That will have overflow benefits, such as eating better and exercising more, because you will want to preserve the benefits of the massage.

Any time you invest time and money in your health, you are helping yourself overcome all your health problems and be much healthier overall, because you are deciding it’s important.

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