Design 4 Women’s Rights: Shifting landscapes & the progressive spirit of tech

Design 4 Women’s Rights: Shifting landscapes & the progressive spirit of tech
10 December is International Human Rights Day and we want to bring together people who care, and the people fighting human rights abuses on the frontlines. Technology has moved humanity forwards in so many vital and inspiring ways, yet as we all know human rights issues sadly still prevail. So how can we harness the innovative and progressive spirit of technology in a way that can have a real impact on some of the issues we are facing today? Organised by the Netherlands Embassy in London and feminist tech project CHAYN, the purpose of this event is to build bridges between different fields and sectors – is to raise public awareness of women’s rights, but equally to provide a platform to empower women with innovative technologies that will help them to fulfil their hopes and live their lives to the fullest. The Netherlands Embassy in London, has invited students from the London College of Fashion as well as a wide range of start-ups and accelerators to the Netherlands Residence. They will be able to get inspired by several speakers in the field of women’s rights, varying from fields of modern slavery, human trafficking and early child marriage to women’s rights in the fashion industry, sexual harassment, domestic violence and the empowering strengths of modern technology. Speakers · AFSA AKBAR, Chayn & Snook & SAFELIVES on new ground-breaking research on how women experiencing abuse in the UK are using technology. · BONNIE CHUI, Lensational about using photography to empower women in bonded labour · HASEENA LATHEEF, Co-Founder of Dfynorm ethical fashion, a movement, a revolution. · MARYAM MOHSIN, GirlsNotBrides – ending the harmful practise of child marriage. · MILENA MARIN, Amnesty International using cutting edge data science to engage people around the world in human rights research. · LAUREN TAPP, Sex Workers Union on the changing landscape of sex work in the internet age. Showcase DRAW MY LIFE project from EmpowerHack that provides a set of tools for field workers, the humanitarian community, and the public to understand, visualise and share the experience of refugee children. They are developing a web-based tool for field workers to easily and safely share child artwork and important, anonymised contextual data. This fall, Draw My Life will be partnering with child protection organisations like Terre Des Hommes and the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) to create the first data set of its kind to be contributed to the world’s largest repository for open humanitarian data as a call to action for both humanitarian organisations in the field to work together with the technology and data community to connect, visualise and amplify what we can learn from children and how to support their wellbeing and rights across the journey of migration. Join the conversation on twitter with #design4change and #hrd16 p.s. please do bring your IDs as the venue requires that.
starting on 2016-12-12 16:00:00

Netherlands Ambassador’s Residence
29 Exhibition Road
United Kingdom