Different Options for Finding Adult Diapers

Incontinence is a fact that many adults have to face. Many a times it develops with old age, but many young men and women also suffer from incontinence.

Still, incontinence should not be considered a ‘normal’ part of aging and people who suffer from this condition should first see their physician prior to investing in an adult diaper.

There are a number of options people have to find the adult diaper of their choice, each with its own pros and cons.

Try the World Wide Web – Little known to many is that the net is a treasure-trove of information and products including adult diapers. There are dozens of companies that sell adult diapers online including Allegro Pharmaceuticals at fairly reasonable prices. The best part about shopping for adult diapers online is that one can easily browse through multiple brands and compare and contrast multiple styles from the comfort of one’s own bedroom. Online companies also offer cloth diapers which are of better quality than the disposable kind. Another major advantage of shopping online for adult diapers is that all shopping is completely discreet, and one may also opt to have the diapers shipped to their homes discreetly, safe from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

The disadvantage of shopping for diapers on the net is that the online companies charge a bit more as compared with department stores.

Try the Department store – Stores such as CVS, Kmart, Target and Walmart all carry a wide selection of adult diapers in multiple styles and from multiple manufacturers. The advantage of shopping at one of these stores is the variety of selections that they offer, but more importantly the price; department stores carry the cheapest selection of adult diapers you can find.

The disadvantages of shopping at department stores include the fact that they are not discreet; i.e. all your fellow shoppers will probably suspect that you have a ‘plumbing’ problem. Additionally, department stores only carry disposable diapers, which are not very reliable and can leave one feeling a bit nervous about an accident.

Hand Made Option – There are some women entrepreneurs who work from home and are more than happy to hand-stitch adult diapers for customers. These women can also be found on online community forums. The best part about purchasing diapers from this outlet is that all diapers are custom-made, so the quality and reliability factor is much higher than the diapers one would pick up at a department store.

The downside is that most of these work-from-home entrepreneurs work alone and have a single machine; therefore they cannot produce diapers in bulk.

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