Discover The Joy Of Gay Tantra

The popularity of gay tantra is growing despite the fact that some people think that it is not possible between same sex couples. Tantra is the name for a collection of beliefs and the practice aims to bring about unity in the couple through the exchanges and weaving of energy flows. It is a Sanskrit word which roughly means to expand or weave or spread and which in practice refers to the process experienced by the partners. A certain amount of increased self awareness also results from tantra and can lead to a deeper understanding between the couple.

Through the practice of tantra individuals often gain increased understanding of their own personality traits. This means that they can learn to accept aspects of themselves which they may not have liked or accepted before. It is a system for personal and spiritual growth not just a means to improve climax or intimacy. Central to the beliefs of tantra is the concept that sexual energy and lust can be used to bring about enlightenment. The aim of tantra is to foster mystical awareness, self acceptance, expand boundaries and to get rid of fear and guilt.

Tantra refers to a body of theories which have been developed from original ideas from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Many methods are included in the discipline. This means that tantric practice can be very different with different teachers.

Due to the focus on opposing polarities many believe that the opposite sexes are needed for Tantra and gay tantra is impossible. However in traditions which focus on the Kundalini model of energy flows this is not the case. In Tantra using Kundalini the rising energy is viewed as being the same in all persons, whatever their sexual persuasion or gender. Other traditions use visualization to solve the problem in gay Tantra. One of the partners assumes a role and visualizes themselves as being of the opposite gender and the partners use their minds to direct the energy. In Buddhist Tantra human sexual experience is beyond sexual preferences which are seen as a part of the personality.

One of the more popular types of gay tantric yoga is a relatively new system called SkyDancer Tantra. It is based on an ancient system probably from Tibet but was developed by Margot Anand Naslednikoy in the Eighties. It is based on the concept of love being similar to a dance in the sky. The name comes from a colleague of a Buddha who was called Big Sky Dancer. Together they created Tantric Buddhism, whose followers were apparently passionate and entirely devoted to their spiritual work.

Tantra includes a number of techniques. Yoga is included for the focus on body position and breathing. The visualization of magical powers and Gods is popular. Also visualization is used to strengthen the connection between the couple. For example they can imagine that they visualize the energy transferring from one to the other. Meditation is used in most tantra as the breathing patterns aid other techniques such as visualization. A common method is to have the couple take alternate breaths.

Another popular way to enjoy tantra is tantric massage. The aim of the therapy is to unblock energy flows just as in other forms of massage. However in tantric massage the therapist uses touch and pressure to build up sexual energy. Then the force of this energy is used to release pressure. This massage is not intended to cause climax but that is always a possibility and is viewed as acceptable.

There are a range of methods of gay tantra all with the aim of developing the individual through strengthening partnership bonds, self awareness and spiritual growth. It is easy to find retreats and workshops online as the discipline grows in popularity.

Howie Holben facilitates Spirit Journeys, a gay vacations group that helps with spiritual vacations. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. Learn more about Howie, his work and a gay tours at Spirit Journeys website.