Disney Cinderella Costumes: As Popular as Ever!

One of the very favorite and best known Disney characters is Cinderella. It’s no wonder that the Disney Cinderella costume is so popular, not only among children and toddlers, but among teens and adults as well. We all know the story of Cinderella’s cruel step family and how they constantly mistreated her, and then, how she got to go to the ball with the handsome prince.

From the very first time a little girl hears the Cinderella story, and even through much later in life, many times she dreams of wearing that beautiful costume and playing the part of that special Princess. This isn’t something that necessary goes away with age: girls of many different ages love to dress up as Cinderella and experience that same old feeling of being a princess. This costume is not only good for the obvious holiday of Halloween, but for many young girls is one that will be worn and played with many other times, as well.

The basic costume features a baby blue full bell skirt with silver and white trim. The dress material has several options of satin, cotton or taffeta, but whatever material that you choose, you know that it is the special significance of the dress that makes you feel so beautiful and special.

Halloween, New Year’s Eve party, costume parties…there are many times when breaking out the costume can be completely appropriate and help you to enjoy the day more fully. This dress costume is always good looking and in style, and that’s hard to find. Some young girls even wear the more simple cotton dress versions as summer dresses.

Relatives normally can’t even imagine how beautiful and happy a daughter, niece, or granddaughter looks when dressed up in a child’s costume. If you want to give your little girl a Halloween memory she won’t forget, consider dressing in a matching adult version of the costume so you can go ringing doorbells both as Cinderella. Just experiencing seeing the joy and happiness on your child’s face as the two of you go door to door is priceless. Speaking from my own experience, little girls grow up much too fast and you will cherish these memories.

So if you are still looking around for some ideas for the next Halloween party or other costumed event, you will want to take a look at the Disney Cinderella costume. In the off chance that you can talk your husband into it, there is a Prince Charming costume so he can escort the lovely family Cinderellas around in full character. That is sure to turn some heads at any party.

Discover how you or your daughter can look great in a Disney Cinderella costume. Rebecca Coale, an accomplished designer, will show you ways to make your next themed party a big hit with a Disney Princess costume. Check out her site and see how.