Does your man love stockings?

Do todays men think that their women are sexy when wearing stockings and lingerie? I recently did an online survey and found the answers interesting.

The results of a poll I did were quite surprising.

Thirty two percent of the respondents showed a preference to a woman wearing nothing but a smile, his tank top and boxers or boy shorts. This result does not surprise as there are a great deal of men out there that do not understand romance, enticement and seduction.

Thankfully the remaining 68 percent were strongly in support of having a woman dress up for him. Responses ranged from French maids, to escorts, and even one response that said he loved it when his wife dressed as a team mascot. That response is for another time I think. But, the overwhelming leader was that men love to see the woman dressed in her favourite lingerie, stockings, and garter belt. They claim that when dressed like this, the woman is far more confident and receptive.

A few of the respondents also mentioned that all their partner has to do is mention they are wearing stockings or flash the stocking top at them and they will do anything for her. So we dug a little further to see what were their favorites.

In first place were the newer Seamed stockings. You know the ones, with a line of stitching up the back of the leg connecting the heel of those stilettos to the hem of a very short skirt! A close second were Fishnet stockings, just giving a tease of flesh, and third were ever popular Silk stockings. There is something in the feel both to the wearer and the admirer that cannot be beat.

While men are not always positive in what type of stocking they admire, they are consistent in the belief that any stocking is indeed sexy. A man who has seen the flash of a thigh as a woman confidently strides down the street or how the imagination starts to work as he sees a womans stocking top and garter as she casually sits into a comfortable chair. Regardless, men are in agreement that seeing stockings with a garter are the start of a road to wild abandon.

For all you ladies that like to do something special for yourself and your man, 68% of them will appreciate your efforts. It is worthwhile to talk about to ensure you are not wasting your time effort getting ready for those special evenings. When you feel sexy you are sexy so be confident in your choices, play a little and get some variety and then watch the sparks fly.

Next month, look for our article on Pin Up Girls, well try and explain what made those women so sexy.

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