Elevator Action

I thank Science for the gift of a reliable friend who lifts me up and escorts me down with just one button push. Elevators take people, as well as their baggages to wherever it is programmed to go.

Elevators are enclosure or platforms that are operated by cables, motors and other equipment or accessories enabling the vertical shaft to go up and down, and transport people, freight or both.

Elevators have a movable surface which takes full control of the horizontal stabilizer that produces the upward and downward motion.

Elevators have not only been helpful to people, but also to business and industries which thrives mainly on the freight services, the vertical transportation in mines, buildings, and as well as in large ships.

Elevators are also used to carry equipments and machineries that have belts or chains attached to buckets for the easy and convenient transporting of bulk materials.

Elevator Discography

In the ancient times, elevators had buckets attached to the conveyor that is used in simple hoisting of materials. Steam operated elevators are used to convey materials in warehouses, mines and factories back in the 19th century.

But during the time of the American inventor Elisha G. Otis in year 1853, safety devices were produced to support and prevent cables from breaking or falling off. In 1856, due to the burning desire to improve the quality of technology that will be of a great help in the industry,

Otis put up a manufacturing company where steam elevators are patented. And shortly, after 5 years, during the time of invention of Sir William Artstrong’s hydraulic cranes, steam powered elevators are slowly replaced by hydraulic machines.

From then on, hydraulic elevators were widely used in the business industry as it is supported by a heavy piston, gradually making motion inside a cylinder and is powered by water or oil pressure which one produced by pumps.

After years of expertise, people have developed the new generation of electric elevator which are operated by electric motors – successfully leading to the truth birth of semi and fully automated elevators. Now, modern elevators are proven to speed up the quality of work, and its design.

Elevator codes and construction

In US and Canadian jurisdictions, standard model codes for elevator construction is required in compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This is said to answer forth all the inspection of elevators, security and maintenance, as well as the elevator installation.

For safety measures, elevators are built under the strict supervision of the Building Codes, and are expected to comply with the standards and requirements stated by local authorities having jurisdiction.

The an elevator lasts to up to more than 30 years. They are sold in packages that are withheld as non-proprietary, and usually comes with microprocessor controls.

Purchases with non-proprietory systems embarks a higher cost and face value on the elevator, but letting buyers or owners take over that responsibility or ownership may lower and even off-set the elevator’s long term cost.

Over the years, people continue to develop the quality and abilities of such elevators.

Today, the most widely used elevators in all known business field and industries are powered by microprocessors and are fully controlled by computer generated devices, thus making the elevator system run as smooth as it can in the roughest times of the operation.

This task is referred to as the “traffic studies.” Where elevator experts and consultants uses a high-tech device to control and allows access to different floors. Access to elevators are successfully aimed through the use of access codes, keys and card readers.

Elevator Safety

1. To maintain the quality of elevators, and to ensure that it is on a good working condition all the time, seek for regular schedule of renovation. The need to replace doors, interior cab finishes, hoist machine, hoistway, car doors, floor landing doors, hall fixtures, hydraulic pistons, and so on may arise.

2. Moreso, an additional code compliance states that renovation and other related issues shall be reviewed with a professional elevator consultant when it comes to buying new materials.

3. Elevators are the safest vehicle system the world has ever known. However, in 1972, it has been reported that hydraulic elevators tend to show possible events of danger, as there may be a risk in hydraulic oil leak.

Whatever machine or equipment you use for whatever purpose they serve, machine are like people who needs to visit their doctor to monitor their body operations and functions.

Regardless of what type of gadget you use, science continue to discover and improved high-tech equipments to improve the quality of life, and not to put them in great risk.

James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of
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