Email Investigation For Online Daters

Have you joined in with the 30 million or so other Americans that have tried Internet dating? Internet dating can be a fun and exciting way to meet new people. Many people have also met the love of their life on an online dating service.

But it can also invite con artists predators and perverts into your life. many people have been taken advantage of financially and even physically harmed or killed by people they met online.

There are steps you can take to avoid running across the wrong person on an Internet dating service. Even if the only information you know about them is their email address or web page.

Did you know you can take a persons Email address and with a reverse email search report find out their real name, address , phone number and even place of employment? This way you can verify all the information they gave you is truthful.

This is just some of the basic information available from an email trace report. A full background investigation can reveal much more including criminal records, assets, bankruptcies, judgments liens and lawsuits. and even education. Background checks can uncover every secret a person has.

You can also take an email address and with a online infidelity investigation find all the Internet dating services they have memberships on. Perhaps if you found they were on a homosexual site or an extreme sexual fetish site you may not be interested in dating them.

You can also take an email address and find all the porn sites and even escort service sites that email is associated with. Surely you would not date someone with an extensive porn addiction or one that is also frequenting prostitutes.

This type of investigation will also return membership on social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook and Friendster. This could reveal pictures of current or ex girlfriends or behaviors you are not aware of such as drug use or gambling habits.

All of this information can be obtained by a private investigator from only an email address or the URL to a web site or social networking page.

If you think you need this kind of investigation be sure to do your homework and make sure the investigator you hire has experience in online Internet investigations and email tracing.

You can archive this by running their name through Google to see if they are recognized as an expert in this very unique field of investigations. Watch out for cheap imitations or do it yourself software packages that offer the world but only take your money and run.

Ed Opperman , president of Opperman Investigations Inc is an expert in Internet Infidelity Investigations and Computer and Cell Phone Forensics. If you need help with an infidelity investigation visit