Female Body Language: Courtship

Women, like men, also use some basic preening manoeuvres, like fingering their hair, adjusting their clothing, putting their hands on their hips, pointing their body towards the male, extending an intimate gaze, having increased eye contact etc. All these signs tend to indicate that the woman is ready for some kind of non-physical relationship or maybe just a conversation. But there are some exceptions yo this: for example, some people pull their hair, which could indicate previous child abuse, or physical abuse, because it is a nervous gesture.

In addition, women may demonstrate a need for attention by dilating their pupils and reddening their cheeks. Some other signals from a woman for such a relationship could be sideways glances, or looking into the mirror frequently, crossing and uncrossing of their legs in front of a man, caressing their thighs or calf or knee etc. Another commonly seen gesture is the position of footwear. If a woman is sitting with a man and her footwear is delicately balanced on her toe then it indicates a higher level of comfort in his company.

Some of the other common gestures are:

Hip Rolling: This is one of the most commonly seen gestures in advertising. It has been used by models to draw attention on the ramp and in various advertisements, by movie stars and even by prostitutes to attract clients. This act is supposedly done by a female to draw attention to her pelvis. If a man carries out such a gesture, it says that he may be gay.

Wet Lips Gesture: Many females moisten their lips or put on a lot of lipstick to give them a wet appearance. This clearly gives a sexual invitation. Most prostitutes use this gesture to attract males or other clients. Still, this does not always represent a sexual invitation, since some females merely like to keep up their looks or else dress for work.

Head Toss: You can see this gesture used by almost every woman. In this gesture, the woman flicks her head to throw her hair back over her shoulders or away from the face. Even women with short hair use this gesture in front of men. It is a clear show of their interest in that man for a kind of a relationship.

Legs: Sexually aggressive women can be often seen with their legs more open than their more conservative counterparts. This kind of gesture can be observed even in the presence of a man.

Along with the above-described gesture, there are other gestures that women make with their legs. The most prominent one being the gesture of leg crossing. One leg is tucked up under the other and the knee points towards the person with whom she is sitting: it indicates her interest in that person. In this position, the woman may expose her thighs to steal the attention of the guy whom she finds interesting. The more desirous may intentionally uncover her thighs to give an obvious signal.

Another position, which indicates a relaxed state, is the way she plays with her footwear. Often a woman keeps toying with her shoe by pushing her foot in and out of it. Often women cross their legs in such a way that they are not too far apart but enough to attract a man’s interest.

Although these are the most common gestures of most women, still none of them should be taken as gospel and one must apply some common sense and logic before approaching a female for any kind of relationship based on the observation of the above-mentioned gestures of female body language.

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