Filipina Dating Scams – How To Spot Them

Stories about foreigners, either boyfriends or fiances being duped by Filipina girls will not make the eyes of those who listen go round as dinner plates. Not anymore, anyway. Everybody knows these stories are real and not made up.

In the first place, your signing up in a dating site to meet a Filipina lady is a risk which could have a positive or negative result. You took the plunge just the same and you were given access to thousands of profiles of Filipinas who are available and looking for partners from another country.

First of all check whether the dating site you signed up in is genuine. There are some who will send you emails supposedly from attractive ladies but are actually from scammers who will do all they can to milk money from you.

But although the dating sign is genuine, the girl you are corresponding with may be a scammer so the responsibility of finding a true mate is still on your shoulders. Here are a few tips to make you alert to spot scammers:

Money is a key object to know a scam. As you get to know her, she may send subtle messages at first how hard up she is, that she can hardly pay the hourly rates at the internet cafes just to chat with you.

If you start sending her money, you can not believe how fast her financial needs arise. You may find yourself paying for repairs on their roof leak, dental extraction, medical check up, tuition fees, house rent money for her sister, medicine for her neighbor, a new computer or the latest model of cell phone to be able to communicate with you always.

She falls in love with your after a couple of emails, and from then on writes to you everyday telling of her genuine love and how she can not wait to meet you very soon. She may then talk about visas, immigration, and passports. Be alert for this.

She does not want to call her and tells you she does not have a phone, either landline or cell phone. If she has a mobile phone, trying to call her at any time can also determine whether she is hiding something from you or not.

Using webcam during your chat sessions is also a way to see her and communicate with her. You can see her expression as she reads your messages.

Scammers come in different kinds. These include those who are scamming for money, the lady-boys, “damaged goods” include: un-wed mothers, ex-prostitutes, troubled girls, religious fanatics, men haters, daddy’s girls, etc., husband seekers, chit-chatters and party girls, who want to go out on the town to expensive places they can not afford (at your expense of course), and a few who are really paranoid of foreigners.

The only consolation is that scammers make up at least a very small percentage of the genuine Filipina ladies who sign up in dating sites to find a future partner.

Follow your instinct. If something feels wrong, it usually is. Do not allow a few rotten tomatoes stop you from finding happiness online, just be careful and on the alert.

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