Filipino Girls in Makati, Philippines – How to Date Them Effectively in Their Own Turf

If you have been to the Philippines you will always spot beautiful Filipino girls in Makati, Philippines. Makati is one of the most highly populated cities in the metropolitan and is the Philippines’s financial center with major commercial, financial and economic hubs. It is where you can find elegantly dressed and pretty Philippine ladies.

The Philippines is known to be the Pearl of the Orient and so are its women. Like the prettiness and rarity of the pearl the beauty of a Filipina is summed up to be the same. A lot of men, both local and foreign, have fallen for their exquisite beauty. Do not assume that their beauty is only superficial because it is indeed skin deep. Their character is like a rough diamond under a diamond cutter. It molds according to their partners needs and interests. As long as their partner showers these Filipino girls in Makati, Philippines with the love and respect due a wife, then you certainly get in return what you have showered on your Filipino woman.

Dating Filipinas in their own turf is more challenging than it seems. It is because they are in a place where they are comfortable and know their way around. Of course that statement is in comparison to courting Philippine ladies who are living in other countries. Let’s admit that they can be vulnerable because of different circumstances. The confidence level of a Filipina in their own country is much higher and is definitely a tough nut to crack.

One of the most common and famous ways of approaching and getting to know a Filipina is by befriending one of the people in her circle of friends. This is what Filipinos call the “bridge”. This is not easy though because you have to know how to approach that person as well. Always approach them in a gentlemanly manner and be discreet with your intentions. Befriending her at first instead of directly showing or telling her that you are interested in her will take you somewhere. Just make sure you do not show too much interest to her friend if she is a lady because they might misinterpret your approach.

If the “bridge” does not know soon enough the reason why you approached her, she will think that your eyes are set on her and not on her friend. This will create tension between their existing friendships and some ladies are more close-knit than actual sisters so beware. They would rather sacrifice the newcomer than sacrifice their friendship.

If you could visit her at home after a few times together then it will bring you a level higher in your current relationship. The purpose of hanging out with her and her friends is to know if the woman you are eyeing for has a committed relationship with a guy. Messing up with another man’s girl in a foreign land can be extremely dangerous especially in the Philippines. But Filipinos in general are hospitable and kind as long as you are honest and true with your actions. There are a lot of Filipino girls in Makati, Philippines that do not have commitments so why bother those that have.

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