Firm and Relaxing Thai Massage Techniques

If you are a regular customer at a massage spa and gets a massage therapy as part of your regular medical care, you would indeed love the strong yet relieving pressure of a Thai massage therapy. Most of the new patients of a Thai massage therapy find this massage style a bit harder than most of the massage methods they have tried, especially when compared to the western style massage techniques. Unlike any other type of massage method, this one uses hard pressure on the patient’s body that includes the stretching out of the patient’s body in a Yoga-like manner which is indeed shocking if you are not used to it. However, most of the patients find Thai massage very relaxing as the firm application of pressure on the different parts of the body helps in releasing of tension, calming of the emotion, and many others.

The Thais believed that the body consists of sen that are circulating all over the human body. The sen or energy needs to flow undisrupted in what they call the energy line. Individuals who are unhealthy are said to need realignment of energies in the body in order to be healthy. The blocked pathways of sen are believed to be the main cause of sickness among individuals. That is why in a Thai massage, unclogging those pathways is the main purpose and healing goal of the massage therapist which helps boost the healing ability of the human body. Experts who have studied Thai massage identified 72,000 sen present inside the human body. Of which, 10 are given top priority as they are responsible in keeping an individual in their healthy condition.

Thai massage uses extreme massage techniques which are unique among the other types of massage methods. Instead of limiting the massage strokes with only the use of fingers and palms, the massage therapist uses a wide variety of strokes with the use of their knees, elbows, forearms, and their feet while the patient is on four different positions. These four positions are lying down, face up, sitting and side position. These positions are meant not only for the patient to be comfortable during the massage session but also for the masseuse to be able to work properly on the different areas of sen pathways all over the patient’s body. It is also an uncommon practice on a massage therapy to start from the feet to the head as most massage methods start on the patient’s back.

During your massage therapy session, you will find out that you will not need to undress like most massage method, instead only your feet will be revealed during the massage therapy. You will also wonder why the massage therapist doesn’t need any medium such as light oil or lotion to be applied on your body.

Your body will react positively after a Thai massage session in such a way where you will feel energized and relieved of any body and emotional pain, including stress. This is due to the release of muscle tensions that are giving your body a hard time.

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