Funny Cartoon Drawings: Vital Considerations to Compose

Do you love drawing and want to enhance funny cartoon drawings? If yes, then get a possible cartoon drawing book and follow the instructions mentioned in it. However, purchasing a book simply is not going to benefit you more unless you have proper knowledge of online resources. These books can be easily downloaded through several websites online. Before picking the pencil and paper to begin your funny cartoon, it’s essential to consider the following points:

Determine what you want to express

It’s a must to determine what you want to express through your cartoon character, and the message that you want them to convey. Suppose, if you want to create a life history, or a biography of your character, you will have more than one character to relate with caption. Doing this will truly make your cartoon easier to draw impressively using the right qualities. Having right attributes and qualities will easily let you draw new and future situations of the main character.

Determine physical characteristics

Another point that you need to decide on when going for funny cartoon drawings is to determine physical characteristics such as character body size, like fat or thin, attractive or weird looking, short or tall, young or old, male, female, an animal, or some other creature.

Personality traits

This is the most vital point to consider in drawing funny cartoon drawings. You need to make sure how will be the personality of your characters such as dramatic, serious, happy-go-lucky, sad, suave, or stupid. Giving considerations to your character social life is also vital enough if you are making cartoons for the first time such as whether they are grumpy, loving, optimistic, pessimistic, friendly, or rude. You can easily get proper inspirations at the people around your street like your dentist, neighbor or more.

Final touch

Once you start your drawing, make sure to begin with the head and the eyes and make sure you succeed in giving life and personality to your character to create a mood and tell the viewers what your character is really thinking and feeling about. Finally, you need to draw the body and fill the background.

Hence, creating funny cartoon drawings involves more than just sketching and drawing. You also need funny lines, situations and stories to escort the cartoon. In order to write the jokes for your comic character, you need to ensure a basic formula like exaggeration, do a play on words, puns, funny signs, misunderstandings, reverse a common situation, surprise, anticipation, clichés, reactions, or stupidity and more.

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