Going To Prom: A Fathers Nightmare

As a parent it is often difficult to see a young girl grow into adulthood. For many fathers the thought of their little girl becoming a teenager and starting to date strikes fear in the hearts of grown men. Many fathers are not comfortable with the idea of their daughters going out with members of the opposite sex and dread the day when their daughters are finally old enough to be escorted to the prom.

The Junior and Senior Prom are milestones in a young girls life and mark a time when they are truly able to stop pretending what a fairytale evening in a romantic setting can be and start imagining the perfect evening with the perfect date. Young girls go their whole life planning for the landmark events that mark their journey into womanhood. The prom is one of those wonderful magical events that girls want to be perfect.

As it is the young mans responsibility to plan for dinner and transportation to and from the dance. When a young woman is invited to the big dance her thoughts turn to what she is going to wear and how much money she can spend on the perfect prom dress. This is where father and daughter begin to have differences of opinion on what constitutes a prom dress and how much money a dress will cost that will be worn once or possibly twice in a young girls life.

Already unwilling to watch his daughter be taken away by any boy that is not worthy to meet his high standards, fathers reluctantly turn over their credit cards and send mother and daughter out shopping in search of the perfect prom dress. For many teenage girls the immaturity of their fathers reaction to their growing up can be a little embarrassing, that may be the reason that mothers and friends are the ones that go out shopping for a dress and shoes that will make the young woman look and feel like a princess at a ball, while father sits at home staring at old photographs of his special little girl and wondering where the years went.

As the night of the prom arrives father and daughter anxiously anticipate the arrival of her date. After ensuring that her hair, makeup and modest prom dress are perfect the young woman enters the living room to greet the young man that will escort her to the prom. All eyes turn to behold the magnificence of the young beauty and a tear forms in her fathers eye as for the first time he sees her as a responsible and gorgeous young woman and no longer the small child he still calls his little girl.

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