How Do I Draw Pictures Based On Picasso’s Blue Period?

Picassos Blue Period lasted from 1900 to 1904. During this period, he mainly did monochromatic paintings typically with colors like blue and also bluish-green. He did use other warm colors, but it was occasionally done. These paintings happen to be some of the most somber painting done by Picasso in Paris; a Spanish influence is visible in these paintings.

The Blue Period paintings are based on a theme which is melancholy. After the death of his dear friend Casagemas, Picasso was in a state of shock. It was an unnatural death, a suicide. His friend shot himself with a gun. That marked the beginning of Blue Period.

Picasso then was away from his family, unappreciated and unrecognized and also in poverty. He was going through the worst phase of his life and he later explained, “It was thinking about Casagemas that got me started painting in blue.”

The Old Guitarist, one of the finest paintings of Picasso was crafted during this period. It was a true realistic art with every emotion highlighted at its best. Some of the other famous paintings of that period are Portrait of Soler in 1903 and Las Dos Hermanas in 1904.

Picasso has been one of the finest painters on earth and it is difficult to live up to his creations, but we can still aim for it. If you really wish to draw in the same line, you need to follow certain rules that have been a part of Blue Period paintings.

When drawing a panting based on the theme of Blue Period, one should focus on the theme first. Choose a theme, sad, melancholy, sentimental, emotional and realistic. The paintings include characters like beggars, prostitutes and drunkards. The paintings reveal the pain and agony of the subjects involved.

You need to learn that color schemes are the crucial elements of Blue Period paintings. A slightest change in the colors can change the theme of the painting altogether. As said before, Picasso used blue to dark-blue shades. But why of all the colors did he choose blue? It was a deliberate choice as blue to him meant deep and calm, a great significance of despair and misery and intense hopelessness.

The gloomy effect and the state of melancholy can be well depicted by these shades. In some of his paintings you might note abnormality in color schemes, but if you take a look at the luminance you will see it’s perfect. Concentrate on these factors.

If the colors, it is also important to have the characters in place. You might choose to paint any subject, but you need to represent the emotional state of the subject very well, so that the viewer can connect to the feel.

You should have a look at some of the Blue Period paintings before you actually attempt one. Study the paintings and mark the fine lines and the minute detailing that helps in giving a feel to the theme. Other than colors, you need to focus on the subjects, their state of mind and their emotions as well. Make sure you are able to do justice to the Blue Period.

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