How do you get AIDS: Possible reasons

Ask anyone “how do you get AIDS” and it would answer by indulging in unsafe sex practices. The answer is correct but it is incomplete as there are other reasons as well. AIDS virus spreads through direct exchange of blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. The virus doesn’t travel with air and water. Also there is no risk getting infected from talking, touching and even hugging an infected person.

AIDS virus is here to stay and we need to protect ourselves from this deadly virus. To date, there is no medicine that could cure this disease and only cure available for HIV-AIDS is precaution. Be faithful to your life partner and use new needles every time for administering medicines. Remain vigilant about the spread of this virus, if you want to lead a long, happy and healthy life.

Unprotected sex with an infected person could transmit AIDS virus in your body and this is the answer to the question how do you get AIDS. But there is no harm in enjoy sex life with one partner. Persons who take services of prostitutes are advised to use quality condoms while making personal contacts with professional sex worker. A sex worker has greater chances of getting infected as prostitutes made sex with different partners.

Infected women if become pregnant, they could transmit the AIDS virus to the fetus and. Women who get infected after giving birth to babies might transmit the virus to their newborn babies while breastfeeding. HIV-AIDS virus present in the mother’s body could attack newborn baby’s body through milk. The baby accidentally gets infected while drinking nutritious milk.

Medical staff needs to be cautious when taking blood from a donor. People donate blood for social cause but infected people should avoid donating blood because their blood could infect other people. It is the responsibility of the nursing staff and medical attendants to check blood samples before preserving them for future use. This is how do you get AIDS.

HIV AIDS infection is spreading at a rapid speed but it could be controlled with precautions. People need to be cautious while making physical contacts, taking medicines and donating blood. More precautions are available and you could know about them from your physician.

If you want to educate yourself on how do you get AIDS then you should read Internet articles, blogs and join a prevent AIDS forum. Information and prevention is the only cure available for AIDS.

Jeff Burgess is a renowned healthcare professional who has a vast experience in treating HIV symptoms. The author also love to write for many healthcare websites informing people different important facts about HIV.For more information please visit here, How Do You Get Aids and About HIV and Aids.