How Often Should You Call a Woman You Like

To call or not to call. Such a simple question but it can take eons for one to decide. When two lovebirds are in love, the number of times the telephone rings sure matters, a lot. It is time for you to get smart(er) and handle all these calling issues. How often should you call a lady you like? 2 days once? Or 1 week once? Well, I have the answers here for you.

There are a number of phone call rules when you are dating a girl. I know it might seem crazy, but when cupid hits you, everything is crazy, so do not blame yourself if every daunting minute of your life is filled with the ambiguity of calling the woman you like.

Rule number 1, men and women view the telephone differently for sure. Men in general do not pick up the phone that simply and calls up the woman just because they are dating. The men’s heart is the brain, while the women’s heart is the mouth. Women love to express their feelings so it is quite natural for them to talk. This also means that they are actually anticipating for you to call her! Guys however tend to hide their feelings. So it is not a wonder that when after dialing her number, you just end up asking her silly questions.

Men do not particularly enjoy long and frequent calls. But if you are one of those guys who considers hogging on the phone a great past time, then this is definitely not a problem for you. What matters more is that you enjoy each conversation with her.

Some men usually use the “telephone test” on their women to see how these ladies react if they decide to break off contact for a tiny while. Perhaps you can use this particular technique to check and see for yourself if she is on a mission to hunt you down. If she is, then you can relax and confidently conclude that she is going head over heels for you. But if you notice that your absence is not at all leaving any impact on her, then it just tells you that she is not at all bothered, and considers that date a one-off thing.

But again, different girls would react differently. Girls also have to face this dilemma so don’t immediately strike her off your list if you think that she is ignoring you. You might not know how is she feeling exactly. She might actually have the exact jitters whenever the phone rings.

Also, if you realize that she is not replying to your calls, then leaving a message on the voicemail is definitely an ideal way to tell her that you are still interested with her. She might be secretly admiring your voice over the voicemail, who knows! Do not be disheartened if you realize that she did not reply to your voicemails immediately.

She needs to look graceful too and not be a tigress that pounces on the phone the very second it rings. At the same time, do note that you should learn to give her some time and space to think about the relationship, and not to track her ever movement. If you do this, it shows your insecurities and she might find it eerie and you are definitely not the boyfriend-type material.

Keep these tips in mind, and best of luck!

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