How Often to Call When Dating

What is so difficult about picking up the receiver and dialing a number? If only calling the person whom you are dating is as easy as calling your mum! How often you should call when dating is a very tricky question. Some would consider that it is best to call their date frequently while others think otherwise. There is no verdict to this, but keep these tips in mind and you can be assured of a happy relationship ahead.

Both men and women have different opinions when it comes to picking up the phones to call each other. Women in general love to talk, hence it is not a wonder that they would expect the guys the call and check on them. This is in comparison with guys who tend to be less expressive. Most women would not hesitate to talk to the person she is interested in on frequent basis. Since guys don’t really fancy phone calls, does this mean that guys are excused when they don’t call the girls they are dating?

The number one rule to dating is never to call each other every single day. Allowing a time lapse of 3 days would be good, more often that not, doing so will create some kind of sexual tension. If she calls you even before you get to call her, it means that she is dying to hear your voice. Even a simple hello would definitely mean something.

Men in general do not really enjoy long frequent chitchats on the phone. So if you are wondering why your conversations are only 5 minutes long, this explains why. This also shows that men and women view the telephone very differently. Girls, just remember not to get upset when your guy says that he has to go and end the phone call abruptly.

Some girls might play hard-to-get and would eventually ignore your phone calls too. So, if she didn’t call you back, maybe it is time to make your first move and start calling her. She might ignore those phone calls, hence use the answering machine and drop her a nice message. Remember, she also needs to look graceful enough for you. Calling the guy back will make her look desperate and lonely, and as such, do not expect a speedy reply from her.

Giving each other space and time is definitely encouraged. Girls might get a tiny bit overprotective over certain things, and tend to call their dates so frequent that it becomes increasingly annoying. Be practical about it and allow your date to have some time alone too.

Phone calls are a great way to cure your loneliness and longing for that special someone. But overdoing it will just make you look desperate and in fact it will just scare your date. The best is just to let nature take its course and pray that you would not have to be the first one to make the phone call after the date.

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