How to Attract Girls? Here’s 3 Ideas

Let’s be clear; girls have been working on how to attract boys since their early teens. Most girls have received attention from their opposite sex for many years, and so for you to capture their attention (and possibly their hearts), a different and a somewhat unique approach is needed.

If you are interested in learning how to attract girls with greater success then follow these three key steps and you will set yourself apart from all the rest of the men still trying the same unsuccessful techniques they’ve been using since they were young.

1. Firstly, if you want to understand how to attract girls, you must not seem so attracted in them. Don’t chase after them. Remember, they’re used to that. When you get their phone number, avoid calling for a day or so just to sho that you are not too eager. Then when you do call, don’t call every five minutes. Girls don’t want to be smothered with attention; they want to have the genuine attention of someone that is really interested in them, and who is looking for something more meaningful. If you really like someone, allow the girl to “chase” after you, even though that can be difficult. It will reap rewards in the end. And if she doesn’t chase a little, chances are she’s not interested so you then need to just move on.

2. Secondly, what you need to do to attract girls is not seem so obviously attracted to them. We appreciate that is the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve, but it’s important advice because girls become more attracted to men that are not so obviously interested in them. Women tend to be attracted towards the men that don’t seem to be staring at them, making cliche comments about how they look or trying to get their attention. Showing a clear yet subtle interest is important right in the beginning.

A man that is minding his own business and going about his activities without falling all over her (even if you might want to) is a guy she will certainly notice above all the rest. Be confident, walk proudly and adopt an attitude of “if I get the girl, great …if not, no problem”. Adopting this approach will get you greater success over time.

3. Thirdly, realise that eventually, girls will come to you and want to get to know you. At this point it’s key that you remain calm and collected. Maybe they ask you what time it is, or maybe they are looking at you, or just smile at you – as soon as you notice you’ve got her attention, it’s time to make your move, but (and this is important) your move must be subtle.

If you’re in the grocery store and you see she has a certain food item in her hand, ask her if it’s any good because you wanted to try it. Is you see her at the video store, ask her if she’s rented it and what she thinks about it. This is how to attract girls because they like to be in meaningful conversations and simple but genuine chat will come over as sincere and ‘you are being you’ rather than just treating her like a conquest or target.

Follow these three key steps if you want to know how to attract girls. Set yourself apart from the rest of the men who are constantly trying to get girls attention, and you will enjoy greater success with the girls.

Whilst in the ‘singles market’ Steve & Louise Carter were challenged by the same issues most people experience whilst dating. Keen to get answers to their dating challenges and learn relationship tips they spent months reviewing a huge amount of advice, help and support resources – some good, and some not so good. Read their independent and unbiased reports – Facts, Product Info & Customer Feedback