How to Get a Girls Number – Get Over Your Fear Now!

You liked her from the first time you laid your eyes on her. You know her face like the back of your hand. Sometimes you even exchange some smiles and encouraging nods in the hallway. You fantasize that someday you’ll be able to take her out on a date, call her up and hear her angelic voice on the phone… But how can you do that, when you don’t even have her phone number?

Getting a girls phone number and calling her at home is one of the obvious signs that you’re into her, and would like to pursue a deep friendship with her. It can also be seen as a rite of passage for men in the dating world. So before you go into stalking mode and look for her number in all the directories you can get your hands on, consider reading the tips below that will teach you how to get a girls number, in a friendly and decent way.

If you have known each other for a long time and have been formally introduced, it will be easier to strike up a conversation with her. So if you haven’t introduced yourself yet, you should come around to doing that soon. Remember to smile, relax and keep the flow of your introduction casual.

Some guys, even the confident ones, make the biggest mistake on how to get a girls number. What they usually do is parade in front of their target in their self-important stance, and with no point of reference, asks, “Can I get your number?” But most girls find this way of asking quite immodest and get turned off with this kind of attitude. So, tacky and sometimes offending pickup-lines are a no-no in asking for a girls number.

On the other hand, an almost-desperate, too patronizing way of asking for a girls number also won’t work. If you ask in a tone that sounds too patronizing and bordering on apologetic, the girl will sense uneasiness and insecurity in your voice. Confidence is a major turn-on for most women and lack of it gets you nowhere in the field of dating. So stuttering and asking a desperate question is not how to get a girls number.

To guarantee getting a girls digits upon asking, you must have something to offer her in exchange for it. Like a sense of humor. Make her laugh and she’ll surely want to hear from you more often. No one usually rejects a cheerful person. Or mention a common interest, a common hobby that the two of you can talk about over the phone. The bottom-line is: no girl will ever give you her number if you have nothing to talk about in the first place.

So when you’re having a friendly conversation with her, casually drop the line, “Maybe we should do something together sometime,” or “How about let’s talk more about it one of these days?” and that’s when you confidently ask for her number.

As the topic on how to get a girls number goes deeper, you should already get around to asking her for it. It’s not as hard as you imagined. If you need to practice, you may do so. But taking the big step and putting the practice into action saves you time and energy, in anticipating for that moment.
So once you have succeeded and made that first phone call to your dream girl, it’s up to you to get the right words and ask her out. If you’re lucky, this phone conversation can lead to long nights of whispering sweet nothings to each other and burning telephone lines. If you’re not, just read this article yet again that will show you how to get a girls number… a different girl, that is.

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