How to Get Girls – Dating Services

There are all kinds of dating services that promise to introduce you to someone that is right for you, for a fee.Then there’s personal ads, social networking websites, and singles nights. These services will help you find single girls, but may put a dent in your wallet. Some might not be worth your hard earned money. They may find you a partner, but they will not keep you together, some of the women that show up at these places should be in a mental hospital, and you are paying for something that you could get for free.

If you go with personal ads, make sure to exchange recent photos. Always meet in a public place until you get to know her better. When you find somebody that you like, set up a lunch date a restaurant that is close to both of you. Make sure that you tell her you can’t spend a lot of time.

Always get the door for her and be a gentleman, but don’t compliment her more than once. I always have to restrain myself from saying to many compliments. Don’t worry, every man is like this. You don’t want to be too pushy, girls that are used to dating this way are probably sick of guys drooling over them in the first 5 minutes. During the date, pay attention to how she behaves and what she tells you. It will help you find out if she is crazy. Never mention your past girlfriends because this will make her think that you are not over her. Be confident and try not to say anything stupid about yourself.

If she is not crazy, and she doesn’t think you are crazy, then ask for her phone number, but don’t mention a second date. If she says she wants to see her again then you know that she likes you. If she asks for your phone number give it to her, but otherwise don’t. You want to call her no less than 5 days after your first date, and make a longer date on a weeknight or a Sunday.

I sometimes feel that people that use dating services do so because no one wants to date them. If a girl needs to pay money to find new men, there maybe something wrong with her. Watch out for girls that have been in a lot of relationships because they are probably trouble.

I never spent any money on dating services. MySpace and Facebook are good places to find single girls for free. Most girls will be hesitant to meet in person. Your best bet is to look for girls that belong to your college or club. You have to be a student to use Facebook anyways.

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