How To Make Yourself Attractive To Girls

Many men seems to think that pretty and gorgeous girls are only attracted to or get turned on by rich or handsome men. Do you happen to think this way too? Actually in reality, there are many things you can do to make yourself more attractive to the ladies besides being good looking or rich. Hey, there are many guys out there who are average looking with average paychecks snagging all the pretty girls, don’t you agree?

So what do these guys know that you don’t? Well, some of them have the attractive male charisma which comes naturally to them. Others learn what to do and say to make themselves a notch more attractive than the average Joe. They know which hot buttons to push to make women want them.

So in order for you to know how to be attractive to girls, you need to know what women dislike in men so that you do not make those mistakes, do you agree? Great, let us get started.

Girls are turned off by emotionally weak men. These are guys who are not confident in themselves or have low self esteem. You see, the female species is genetically programmed to be attracted to dominant alpha males, the leader of the pack. They are the confident men who have strength of character.

That being the case, guys who are shy, insecure or nervous with girls will find it difficult to be attractive to women. Therefore when in the company of beautiful girls, shake off your shyness and be bold. Show them that you are a real man and is the one in charge of the situation.

Many men unknowingly turned off women because they are trying too hard to please her by giving in to all her demands. Although it is honorable to be nice to everyone, but if you accede to all her demands, it is a sign of inferiority to her and she will perceive it as an emotional weakness. Remember what we discussed earlier? Girls find emotionally weak men rather unattractive. They want real men who can stand up to their principles and beliefs, not whimpering servitudes at their beck and call.

Men who lack social intelligence are very unattractive. Social intelligence is the skill of behaving appropriately in various social settings and environment. If you do not have these social skills, she will find it very embarrassing to be seen with you. This is because they are attracted to gentlemen with social graces.

Although looks are not as important as most men think they are, you must still take care of your own personal appearance. You need to show the girls that you take pride in the way you look and be presentable at all times. This is really common sense as which girl would want to be seen with a smelly unkempt man as her boyfriend?

Now that we know some of the things that turned off women, we now look at what you can do to make yourself more attractive to the girls.

The first thing that you can do when in the company girls is to have fun. Yes, have fun and I am not kidding. So let your hair down. Tease and flirt with the girls and you will notice that they will be very responsive to you.

You see, guys often felt nervous or even insecure around women whom they like and so the rare chap such as you who allows a woman to relax and have fun is really streets up ahead of the competition. Just ask any girl whether they desire to have a fun and exciting boyfriend or a shy and boring one and guess what you will get for an answer?

Guys who display leadership qualities in social situations are also very attractive or even irresistible. Women like their men to take on the leadership position when grouped with other men. Why? This is because you are well respected and that you must have great qualities to be respected by your peers, right?

Now that you know how to be more attractive to girls, just try out some of the qualities discussed here and see the amazing results you can get.

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