How To Prevent Being Tongue Tied When Talking To Beautiful Girls

Many guys get ran out of things to say or rather get tongue tied when having conversations with women, especially beautiful women or girls they fancy. Are you having this problem? If so, I have some good news for you. This issue can be easily overcome.

Firstly, everyone loves to talk about themselves because this is the subject that they know best. No, I am not asking you to talk about yourself as talking too much about you can be a big turn off. Instead, get the conversations going by asking the girls to talk about themselves.

So ask them questions about themselves and see them blabbing away. Now here is a caveat. Do not ask interview like questions as you are not interviewing them, but having a pleasant conversation. So do not ask direct and abrupt questions like where do you live or what do you do. But ask interesting questions such as their hobbies and be genuinely interested in who she is. In order to do this successfully, you have to be attentive to them when they are speaking.

When you are having a conversation with a girl, keep your ears open for clues which you can use later in the conversation. So what are the clues? Some examples are music, vacations, food and hobbies or things that she likes to do. Just do a little probing on these subjects and when she warms up with you, she will be happily yakking away.

Like I said earlier, be attentive for more cues. Just say that she is talking about a vacation, then you can follow up with questions like how long was she there, what did she find interesting about the place, so on and so forth. Then you can also pitch in a little bit about places you have been to and you will be having an interesting conversation going.

The other great conversation starter for women to talk about is to ask them for their opinion about something. Everyone has opinions and most people will gladly talk about it if they have the opportunity to do so and your job is to give the girl her opportunity to air her opinions over something.

However, stay away from sensitive issues about religion, race or politics. Instead think of recent news in your community and ask her to comment on it or follow up with the cues from what she said earlier.

For example, if she mentioned something about food, then ask her what is her favorite food, the restaurants she like and why? In fact this not only allow you to carry on the conversation without being tongue tied, it can also be a setting for a date.

Let’s just say that she fancies a certain restaurant, then you can say that you have never been there and will like to visit it sometime. This will give you the opportunity to call her at an appropriate time and date and say that you will be going to the restaurant and ask her if she wants to come along?

There are many more methods to avoid being tongue tied when having conversations with beautiful girls, but for now, the above tips should suffice.

Chris Chew is a relationship and fitness consultant. Read his free articles at Effective Pick Up Lines and How To Be Attractive To Girls