How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

Having the urge for a merge? We all know how important communication is in a relationship, especially in a boy-girl relationship. While we may not be with the one that we love so dear 24-7, but thanks to modern technology, we are still able to hear each other’s voice despite being miles apart. Then the problem sets in especially for the guys, and often the question they are baffled over is, how to talk to girls on the phone?

If you are one of those guys who face such problems, I guess its time you stop and look, because this article is all about helping you cope with handling the problem of talking with girls over the phone.

Now, there are basically only 3 things that are required if you want to have a successful conversation with a girl over the phone! You need:

– a girl
– a phone
– self-confidence

That’s basically it! However, the art of sweet-talking does not come naturally and here are some steps to follow to help you along.

1) Get her number

Maybe you are one of those guys that have an eye for girls but not the guts to approach them, or you may be the fancy of many but no one really knows that particular girl that you have always admired. No matter who you are, the relationship will never take flight if you do not take the first step to ask for her number. Thank goodness for some people called friends, unless the girl of your dreams is an isolated out-cast who does not socialize (which I hope not!), there should be no problem getting her number from her friends.

While it may seem awkward to ask for someone’s number all of a sudden, you can actually try to suggest an exchange of numbers to prevent arousing other’s suspicion. Also the other upside of talking over the phone is that it is a much better way to break any invisible tension before talking to her face to face.

2) Call her!

If you took the pains the get her number, it would have all been in vain if you do not call her! However, as we all know, whenever the receiver is picked up, your heart goes palpitating like never before and that is something you should take note of. Breathe deeply, take in a couple a deep breaths and exhale slowly.

Control your oxygen intake and do this a couple of times till you feel your heart rate returning to normal! While this may be true for most guys, but I have to clarify that, you should only do this when you are nervous! Do not let it become and excuse to procrastinate from making that first call.

3) Find interesting topics to chat about

Communication requires a dialogue and not a monologue, worst still; DO NOT ever let it become a silent conversation. After calming yourself down, don’t be in a hurry to pick up the receiver and call her! Think about what you want to talk about, about topics that may be of interest to her and yourself. By doing this, you can help save the conversation whenever it seems to be dying. Be talkative but don’t be the only one talking, who knows while you are ranting on and on, she may have just pass her receiver to her pet dog to play with already. Make the call interesting or she will just pop a reason to end the conversation fast.

4) Be Yourself

The whole point of the previous 3 steps may be to teach you how to sustain a conversation with a girl, or get to start a conversation with a girl; but the main point of whatever you are trying to do is to win over her heart! If something good were to happen out of this and you two be together, it would be absolutely essential that whatever you are telling her now about yourself is true and that you are being yourself.

Having a fake persona can be sweet at first, but once she gets to know more about you and get more into your life, the masks that you are hiding under slowly sheds off and all that would be left are lies and deceit.

Try these steps and I can assure you that the girl you are after would be wishing that you are calling her every night!

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