How to Use Remote Viewing to Get Girls

One of the most powerful mind power skills that a person can develop is called Remote Viewing. This skill has a wide range of applications ranging from locating missing persons to predicting the stock market, and a reciprocal benefit is that you will experience decreased stress due to the supreme relaxation necessary for remote viewing to become possible. A novel application of the RV technique can be to increase your success with members of the opposite sex, which is the topic of this article.

Getting girls is not the only thing that you can use your mind power skills for, and it is certainly not what the remote viewing technique was developed for. What you are going to learn is really a hybrid technique or variation that is based on the traditional remote viewing technique, and its applications range from picking winning lottery numbers days in advance (I know a guy that did this; he euphemistically calls it the ‘aquisition of non-historical data’) to being picked for a new high-paying job, to seducing members of the opposite sex.

You might think of this as ‘Remote Viewing Seduction’ simply because this technique is more geared towards impacting the consciousness of other people. Realize that the only thing standing between you and a happy relationship with the girl of your dreams is the way in which that girl *perceives* you; if you can change her perception of you, you can change your relationship with her.

This technique is especially powerful with girls that are the type-A, attention seekers that like to be the center of conversations; girls like this are accustomed to being the dominant figure in a romantic relationship (and hence they are usually the ones that will end the relationship), but if you can directly affect the mind of a girl like this then you will make her blush and drop her pen as she rushes to write down her phone number.

The Remote Viewing Seduction Technique

If you have never encountered remote viewing before then this concept may seem strange to you, but let me assure you that it works! There are all kinds of applications for remote viewing, but in this case we are going to use it to affect the mind of a certain person of your choosing. This works better if you already know the exact girl you want to target and seduce, but it can also work to simply increase your overall confidence with the ladies.

As strange as this may sound, you must understand the nature of *time* if you really want to succeed with this technique. Time is not nearly as temporal as your conscious mind would have you believe; that is to say that when waking, we perceive time to only flow forward when really there is not much flowing going on at all. This temporality illusion is truly a good thing, for it allows your conscious mind to keep you safe while driving your car and going about your daily tasks.

The essence of remote viewing is to completely let go, to relax your body to the point that your brain waves cycle down to the level that we call Theta. Your body is programmed to be asleep when your brain reaches theta, so you must slowly train yourself to reach a level where you are conscious and aware when your brain reaches theta; this is the level of what we call the higher self where the illusory temporal nature of time breaks down and it becomes possible to directly and powerfully impact the consciousness of a certain person or group of people.

You might liken this to your higher self standing on a mountain while your conscious mind is walking down in the valley. It is not that your conscious mind is wrong, it is simply that you have a different point of view. In order to make this work you will need to ‘climb the mountain’ and reach a point of awareness where you see your world beyond the confines of time, as this is where remote viewing becomes possible and it is how you can directly influence another person’s mind.

Reaching Theta is really the key to making this technique work, because it is only in this mode of awareness that remote viewing becomes possible. Your body’s default setting is to be asleep or unconscious when you reach theta, so you must slowly train yourself to remain conscious.

You need to be supremely relaxed in order to reach theta, which means that you need to be sure that you will not be disturbed. So after a calm relaxing bath, lock your bedroom door, lie on top of your bed and pop on your headphones. Calm ambient music can be very effective, and it is best to pick an album without any loud rhythms because this will stir you from your relaxation. Also consider finding a relaxing audio track that is 30 minutes or longer so that you do not hear any track breaks.

Spend some time cycling down, and you will know you have hit theta when your awareness feels bigger than your physical body. Once this happens you are in a position to affect the mind of any girl you choose.

It is good to have a specific girl picked out because you will have an image to lock on to. The next step is a bit hard to articulate, but basically you need to lock on to the way that you want to feel when you are around her (the way you want her to perceive you) and you need to project this feeling at her.

Imagine that you have known each other for a long time and you are just leaving an upscale restaurant together. It is late so not many other people are out, and there is a slow song playing outside as you walk down the sidewalk. Caught in the moment, she grabs you and pulls you into the shadow of the nearest building where you passionately start making out.

Bask in this feeling while you are there with your headphones on and hold on to it as long as you can. The power of theta is that you can directly affect the minds of the other people around you at a fundamental level, so when you feel this about her *she will simultaneously feel it about you.* This is especially powerful if she is asleep.

The next time you meet, especially if you do this same technique time after time, you will notice that her attitude towards you has changed. Pretty soon it is likely that you both will act out the exact scenario you envision in your mind. This is literally the blueprint for getting any girl you would ever want; enjoy, and wield your powers wisely.

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